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    TBYH Success Story: Single Father With Lyme Disease Recovers His Health

    Posted on September 27, 2016 by Robin Shirley

    Patrick Hoffman, a client of mine since 2015, has been recovering from Lyme disease while working fulltime and raising two boys. He's gone through some challenges along the way, but he committed to nutrition changes and saw the difference it made. Patrick owns an energy consulting business and helps people switch to alternative energy in —Read More

    #TBYHDC Speaker Chef Frank Giglio Gives Kitchen Tips For Busy Parents And His Antidote To Food Overwhelm

      What's your biggest personal struggle with your food/diet/eating habits? It comes with the territory, but cooks tend to taste food often as they are preparing meals. Because of this, I tend to snack more and skip meals. I know from experience that I do much better having 2-3 meals a day, so its a —Read More

    How Does #TBYHDC Speaker Andrea Beaman Sustain Her Energy, Health and Happiness?

    andrea-beaman speaking at the take back your health conference
      1 What are some of your personal favorite healthy foods? That depends on the season. My personal favorite healthy foods change all year round. For example, in the summertime watermelon is my all time favorite food. I could eat it almost everyday, especially when it's hot and humid and sticky as heck. In the —Read More

    #TBYHDC Speaker Peggy Franklin Demystifies The Midwife AND Shares How To Have A Healthy Pregnancy And Child

    Disclaimer: Please excuse the audio glitches in this video as we work on improving our recording technology. If you can tolerate the occasional glitch, and want to hear the information, please proceed and enjoy the interview! About Peggy Franklin, CPM Peggy Franklin will be speaking at the upcoming Take Back Your Health Conference. Peggy is a —Read More

    5 Back To School Tips For Chronically Ill Students

    robin shirley back to school tips for chronically ill students
    Back to school is difficult for any student! If you're dealing with chronic illness it can be much more complicated. Here are some tips I picked up from my years in school... 1. Research Any Services For Students With Disabilities This may seem obvious, but a lot of people with "invisible diseases" might not realize that —Read More

    Lemon Garlic Roasted Chicken and Vegetables

    This is another very simple, allergen-free recipe that we made at the recent Take Back Your Health Retreat in the Outer Banks. You can also throw in some chopped root vegetables during roasting to make this a complete meal! Be sure to choose organic chicken, and better if you can order your chicken from a —Read More

    Simple Salad with Beets, Citrus, Chickpeas and Balsamic Dressing

    Citrus beet salad
    This is a really quick meal that gets in all the major nutrients - protein, fat, carbohydrates, antioxidants and fiber. We made this salad at the recent Take Back Your Health Retreat in the Outer Banks. I hope you'll try it out! Simple Salad with Beets, Citrus, Chickpeas and Balsamic Dressing Makes 4 servings Ingredients: —Read More

    What’s All The Fuss About Vaccines? 98 Quotes To Answer That Question…

    From government officials and doctors to parents and journalists, take a look at some of the reasons why vaccines are being put under the are 98 quotes to help you understand: What Do Doctors and Scientists Have To Say? What Does The Government Say About Vaccines? How About Parents? Mainstream and Independent Media?   What —Read More

    10 Tips For Healthy Travel From TBYH Experts

    healthy travel 4
    1. Plan and Prepare "You may have heard the saying “If you fail to plan, then plan to fail.” This is so true when it comes to preplanning your trip. This can mean keeping a running list of everything you’ll need to pack in order to be prepared, to planning your meetings, travel, hotel and —Read More

    6 Reasons Vacations Are Healing Plus Budget-Friendly Tips

    camilla vacation 4
    Meet our guest: Camille Hoheb, Editor and Founder of Wellness Travel Journal. She's helping others take back their health by reporting on wellness travel trends and empowering us to spend more time relaxing and enjoying the simpler side of life! Read on to learn more - and hear her own healing story... What Does Vacation —Read More