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    Addiction: The Causes and The Solutions

    Posted on January 27, 2015 by Robin Shirley

    Check out Dr. Chas' book on amazon: End Your Addiction Now: The Proven Nutritional Supplement Program That Can Set You Free Most of us think of drugs or alcohol when we hear the word "addiction", and those are certainly very common and serious addictions. However, there are other commonly addictive activities or substances, like sugar, —Read More

    Overcoming Chronic Illness and Sharing the Wisdom

    dao cloud
    Today we are interviewing Eric Green, an entrepreneur that I met this fall at the Take Back Your Health Conference™. Diagnosed with a chronic disease that the conventional medical system misunderstood and labeled as "incurable," he focused on developing self-care strategies with the guidance of functional medical professionals to reverse the disease. He is now working on —Read More

    Where Is The Love? with Dr. Chas

    Today on TBYH Radio I spoke with Dr. Chas Gant about an area of the brain that appears to be responsible for our ability to love and to feel compassion and camaraderie for those in our local and global communities. We hosted Dr. Chas last summer for a thought-provoking talk on overcoming depression. Today I —Read More

    The Solution to Your New Year’s Resolution

    Are you looking to elevate your health in the new year? The team at Paleo Parents has compiled the ABSOLUTE BEST resources you will need to revolutionize your family's health in 2015! It's called the Family Resolution Revolution.  This is a collection of 40 ebooks, workshops, meal plans, calendars, worksheets, and discounts to help you —Read More

    Seaweed Salad

    I bought this sea vegetable salad mix a few weeks ago while I was exploring the shelves of my local health food store. I'm most excited about it because this salad mix makes homemade seaweed salad much more doable and much less intimidating! All you have to do is soak and drain the sea vegetables, —Read More

    Exercise Is a GREAT Way to Get Healthy, But Too Much Can Do the Opposite!

    Exercising is essential to keep the body functioning properly, but we need to have a balance of many different types of exercises to be really healthy. I had a client that was a high level marketing executive with a pretty stressful job, plus she ran 4-5x per week every morning before getting into the office, —Read More

    How To Get Out Of An Emotional Funk

    Take Back Your Health ConferenceTM
    This is a topic that I return to every once in awhile because I know how common it is to feel depressed, lonely, unfulfilled, frustrated or stuck. I have been through all of these emotions, repeatedly, both for long and short periods of times. Nutrition has played a huge role in eliminating these emotions. But —Read More

    Savory Quinoa “Stuffing” with Sage and Thyme

    This is a good addition to the traditional holiday feast, or any winter meal for a cold night. If quinoa is a new food for you or your family, this is a nice recipe to start with because it incorporates familiar and beloved flavors with a nutrient dense seed, quinoa. Savory Quinoa with Sage and —Read More

    Are Animal Products Good For Healing?

    animal foods
    I often get asked if animal-based products are good for health. Here’s the lowdown. Animal products contain a wide variety of essential vitamins and minerals. It’s not just our little darlings, the vegetables, that contain all the good stuff. Animal meats, fats and bones are traditional foods containing vital nutrients that benefit the muscles, heart and endocrine system. In my —Read More

    Why Being Selfish Will Make You Healthier & Happier

    Relaxing-Time in hammock
    When you make the decision to improve your health and happiness, the next natural step is to become increasingly concerned with your lifestyle habits. And this naturally leads to becoming more concerned with how you spend your time, money and (physical, mental and emotional) energy. Choosing to become healthier and happier requires a shift in —Read More