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    Permaculture Homestead And Herbal Apothecary In Northern Virginia

    Posted on February 11, 2018 by Robin Shirley

    We think this suburban permaculture-based homestead is doing something revolutionary and we had to share! Subherban Roots is one of our Take Back Your Health DC exhibitors and for those of you who couldn't meet them at the conference, we interviewed them on what they're doing to change the herbal supplement industry...   What inspired —Read More

    My Strategic Evening Routine For Better Health And Sleep

      Well, here is my first video since becoming a mom, and Olivia makes her youtube debut! It feels good to be doing videos again, that's for sure. I wanted to share my evening routine with you all because it's a great time to get in your healthy habits for the day. I have a —Read More

    Rosemary Roasted Sweet Potatoes

      Roasted vegetables is one of the easiest dishes to make as a beginning cook, and extremely healthy this time of year. Root vegetables are naturally warming to the body, and they provide minerals and carbohydrates that give the body extra energy. I love making sweet potatoes for family gatherings, and on Sundays. The leftovers make —Read More

    Cassava Flour Iced Sugar Cookies (AIP, Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free)

    Today I'm sharing this perfect sugar cookie cut-out recipe from Gabriella at Beyond the Bite. She creates and posts healing recipes for Lyme patients. They are Autoimmune Protocol Paleo compliant and absolutely delicious, as she is a professionally trained chef. I came across her cookie recipe on pinterest a few months ago when I was looking for a —Read More

    Cranberry Quinoa Harvest Salad

    As I wait for labor to begin, I wanted to share another cold weather recipe with you! Eating hearty salads this time of year is a good way to balance the heavy warming foods of the season, flood your body with enzymes, and keep things moving through your digestive system! I made this salad for —Read More

    Month 9: Preparing My Body For Birth

    We are just a week away from this baby's due date! She may come any day now. Everything is going wonderfully so far, and we are so grateful for an easy pregnancy. We have packed our birth bags, made some extra meals and frozen them, sent all our thank you cards, and stocked up on —Read More

    Cranberry Orange Smoothie

    It's that time of year... you can find fresh organic cranberries on the shelves again! I always get excited about their arrival at the local health food store because I have to wait until the holiday season to experiment with cranberry recipes! Cranberries contain a unique combination of antioxidants and phytochemicals that have antimicrobial effects. They are a —Read More

    Golden Turmeric Coconut Milk

    Recently we held a Take Back Your Health Retreat in the Charlottesville - Brightwood area of Virginia, where there are beautiful rolling hills and views of the Blue Ridge Mountains. I wanted to have a special drink ready for everyone when they checked in, so I decided to have this Golden Turmeric Coconut Milk warming on —Read More

    My Strategic Morning Routine

    Morning is such a great time to build a routine around some of your healthy "to-do's" You can build a perfect routine that sets you up for a great day, and takes care of a lot of your most important healthy habits! Morning routines will be in constant flux as life changes, and your approach —Read More

    Ice Cold Chocolate Milk (Dairy-Free, Keto)

    I have been completely addicted to this chocolate milk recipe lately! It is so good - I like it better than the store-bought chocolate milk. During the summer it's been great for cooling me down and hydrating me too. It actually does fill me up for a little while, so it makes a great snack. —Read More