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    The Top 5 Foods That Are Contributing To Your Inflammation

    Eat Heal
    Posted on November 18, 2014 by Robin Shirley

    There are certainly some foods that you can add to your diet to reduce the inflammatory response. However, over the last 15 years I have discovered - through my own experimentation and research and through my work with clients - that avoiding certain foods can be much more effective for preventing the inflammatory response from —Read More

    Cranberry Orange Relish

    cranberry relish
    I created this recipe about 4 years ago and I've been teaching it at my holiday cooking classes every year since. I just finished teaching it at the 2014 TBYH Conference and wanted to post it here for you all to enjoy. This relish is raw, so it contains enzymes that aid in digestion. It —Read More

    Three Things I Learned At Our D.C. TBYH Conference

    On November 1 and 2, 2014 we gathered for our 5th Take Back Your Health Conference™ in Washington, D.C. I was a little bit of an anxious wreck the month leading up to it - organizing last-minute travel details, ironing out our audio visual needs, scrambling to gather product donations for our gift bags, etc. —Read More

    Making Time for Yourself

    Relaxing-Time in hammock
    We ladies tend to spend way too much time and effort on others and not so much for ourselves. We’re caregivers, moms, chauffeurs, chefs, party planners, finance managers and house cleaners all rolled up into one ball of stressed-out nerves.  So, when do we have time for ourselves? And, why do we feel guilty when —Read More

    Secrets for Faster Inch Loss, Healthy Hormones and Brain-Body Fitness

    Today on TBYH Radio we're interviewing one of our most-anticipated Take Back Your Health™ DC Speakers, Teresa Tapp. Teresa Tapp is the creator of the T-Tapp Method of Mindful Movement, best selling author of Fit & Fabulous in 15 Minutes and star of the PBS Documentary Healthy Hormones…Brain Body Fitness. Teresa is a muscle activation —Read More

    My Cancer Story & The Secret to Achieving Your Ideal Weight

    alkaline water
    One Monday morning in November 2001 I awoke and prepared for my chiropractor appointment. That same Monday in November when I went to bed, my life had changed forever. In my chiropractic appointment earlier that day, Dr. David Dolberg had said these words; “Elaine, how long have you had this nodule in your neck?" Then and —Read More

    How To Get What You Want In Love, Health and Career pt. 2

    TBYH Radio
    Expecting to get what you want sounds selfish and greedy. That’s not what we’re here to talk about today. The kind of “Getting what you want” that I’m talking about is the desire you feel to be happy and fulfilled, to accomplish goals and realize your dreams, and to feel exhilaration and love. During Part —Read More

    Recipe for a Great Night’s Sleep

    "Besides eating whole foods and moving your body, getting enough sleep is the most important thing you can do for your health. On the flip side, sleep deprivation makes you fat - AND leads to depression, pain, heart disease, diabetes, and much more." -Dr. Mark Hyman Recipe for a Great Night's Sleep Ingredients 1 C —Read More

    Is Your Body Feeling Weak? Invest In Some Good Stock!

    "He Comes From Good Stock" Stock contains a wealth of nutrients that help support the body on a deep level, all the way down to the bones! Have you ever heard the expression “he or she comes from good stock”? It means the individual came from a family with excellent physical constitutions that included vibrant —Read More

    What Is An Elimination Diet And How Can It Help Me?

    A good friend of mine started Dr. Junger’s Clean Program today. His program is built upon the practice of a traditional elimination diet and includes vitamin fortified shakes and supplements to support detoxification of major organs. I have done this program in the past and believe it is a good product. However, it costs several —Read More