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    Blogging 101: Should Every Health Coach Have A Blog? (pt 2)

    Welcome to our “Blogging 101″ Series with Cory Gallant, a seasoned  professional on Blogging, Website Design, and Communicating Your Message Effectively and Efficiently to Your Clients.

    In this edition, Cory answers our burning question: “Should every health coach have a blog on their website? Why or why not?”

    Cory: “Yes.  And here’s why…

    1. A blog will make Google love you.

    I don’t want to go in the details of Search Engine Optimization.  All you need to know is the more pages and posts you have on your site, the more Google loves you.

    Think about it, what you would give if you could rank on the first page for a search query. What will it mean for you business?

    2. A blog will drive targeted traffic to your site.

    If your content is share-worthy, people will share it across many networks and social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest just to name a few. This would result in more targeted traffic to your site.

    Think about it, if you are a small company selling a highly specialized product, say something geared at the health coaching niche- maybe it is a detox option, how would you like your posts to get shared among people and blogs who write about detoxing?

    3. A blog will turn your site into a “Lead Generation Machine”.

    More targeted traffic means a significant increase in leads. Research tells us companies who maintain active blogs generate up to 88% more leads as compared to the ones who don’t. Which one would you rather be?

    One way you can make sure your you blog is a acting like a perfect lead generation machine is to add a sign-up form to capture email addresses and offer a freebie to encourage people to opt-in. The ‘bribe’ doesn’t have to be over the top; you can easily create a report or a brief white paper.

    4. A blog costs less than you think.

    It is not entirely free to successfully run a blog.  There are costs associated with the actual hosting, running and maintenance but those are minimal. The bigger costs are associated with developing content.

    Who will be creating content? Even if you are thinking about publishing once a week for starters, that will take a minimum of an hour to write the post, and additional time to share it effectively and respond to comments.


    Stay tuned for our upcoming “Blogging 101″ installments on how a blog can specifically help a health coach’s business, how to increase traffic to your blog and how to turn readers into clients.


    About Zesty

    I’m a web designer and food blogger working out of Prince Edward Island, Canada.

    In December 2011, I left my corporate career in software consulting to pursue my dream of being an entrepreneur and food blogger. For years I had been moonlighting on the side and hoped that one day I would build enough courage to take the leap into full time entrepreneurship. Well, the deed is done and I am 100% devoted to adding value to my clients! The consulting side of my new career has been extremely fulfilling and I plan to continue helping people and companies all over the world by growing their online presence.

    I specialize in WordPress and Thesis website/blog design, graphic design, brand awareness, business strategy and social media consulting. I have worked with businesses and individuals of varying sizes to set up customized web solutions. With over 12 years experience in web and graphic design, I can help you take your business to the next level.

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