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    Blogging 101: Increasing Traffic to Your Blog (pt.3)

    Welcome to our “Blogging 101″ Series with Cory Gallant, a seasoned  professional on Blogging, Website Design, and Communicating Your Message Effectively and Efficiently to Your Clients.

    In this edition, Cory answers our burning question: “How can you increase traffic to your website/blog?

    Cory’s answer…

    1. Write Great Headlines

    Since one of the first things a visitor sees when visiting your blog is your post title, you need to make it grab their attention. So think of ways on how to do this:

    • Read your title aloud and see if you can say it in one breath. If you can’t, it’s too long.
    • Think of what people would search for in search engines, and build your title around that.
    • Think how it’ll look when being shared on social networks – will the title grab interest right away?

    You have anywhere between three and fifteen seconds to grab a visitor to your blog. Make sure your headline invites them in.

    2. Make It Easy to Share

    Make it easy for people to distribute your blog post via social media (in other words, use make sure you have “share buttons under each post). There are a ton of options available, regardless of what blogging platform you use (Blogger, WordPress, Typepad or others). Some of you may have to hard code into your blog (Google how to do this for your chosen platform), and some of you can add share buttons as plug-ins (WordPress).

    But whatever you do, at least make sure you have a decent social sharing option!

    3. Comment More Than You Blog

    This might sound like the last thing you want to be doing when you’re trying to get your blog noticed. After all, isn’t the whole idea meant to be growing your blog, as opposed to growing the comments of someone else’s blog?

    Well, yes it is – but there’s method to this madness. Because as you comment more on blogs, the more people will start to notice you. The more people notice you, the more they’ll become interested in what you have to say. The more they become interested in what you have to say… well, all they need to do is click on your URL and come to your blog.

    4. Tell People About It!

    Register your blog on blog communities (especially ones in your niche).

    Update your email signature to have your blog URL on there. If your email service supports it, use something like WiseStamp to give you a cool email signature that allows you to share your latest post automatically (via the RSS feed).

    Update your social networks to share your URL, and send a message to your friends to ask them to check it out.  Put it on your business cards if you use them.

    Ask your friends and social network connections if they can spread the news about your blog.


    Stay tuned for our upcoming “Blogging 101″ installments on how a blog can specifically help a health coach’s business, how to increase traffic to your blog and how to turn readers into clients.


    About Zesty

    I’m a web designer and food blogger working out of Prince Edward Island, Canada.

    In December 2011, I left my corporate career in software consulting to pursue my dream of being an entrepreneur and food blogger. For years I had been moonlighting on the side and hoped that one day I would build enough courage to take the leap into full time entrepreneurship. Well, the deed is done and I am 100% devoted to adding value to my clients! The consulting side of my new career has been extremely fulfilling and I plan to continue helping people and companies all over the world by growing their online presence.

    I specialize in WordPress and Thesis website/blog design, graphic design, brand awareness, business strategy and social media consulting. I have worked with businesses and individuals of varying sizes to set up customized web solutions. With over 12 years experience in web and graphic design, I can help you take your business to the next level.


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    1. Geoff Young November 24, 2012 at 11:24 pm #

      Thanks for the great blogging tips!

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