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    2013 Conference Information


    The Take Back Your Health Conference
    Hosted by the International Health Coach Association LLC

    April 26th-28th 2013
    Hilton Washington Dulles
    Washington D.C.



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    Spring 2013 Speakers

    Sergei BoutenkoForaging and Wild Edibles for Enhancing Your Health with Sergei Boutenko

    Weeds are incredible; they’re healthy, and they’re edible! Yet most people are afraid to harvest wild edibles out of fear of eating the wrong thing. Join author Sergei Boutenko for a fun and informative introduction to wild edible plants! In this lecture, you will learn the basics for how to stay safe while reaping the benefits that green wild edibles have to offer.

    Robin ShirleyImmune System Make Over with Robin Shirley

    Robin grew up with out-of-control systemic inflammation, which her doctors labeled as Systemic Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis and chronic Lyme disease. She has spent over 10 years on her own studying and experimenting with nutrition, herbs, movement and various alternative therapies. Robin has personally experienced the power of holistic nutrition and lifestyle adjustments on reducing pain and inflammation and increasing joy and pleasure, which is her inspiration to serve and support others with health challenges.

    Christine KriegerMovement Grounded in Ayurvedic Wisdom with Christine Krieger

    Christine will lead us through simple sitting and standing exercises based in yoga and Ayurveda to keep our body limber and lubricated! Movement affects the body and the body systems by inducing stress release, working the hormones and organs, cleaning the lymph system and the blood and stimulating hormone release. Christine will teach about the healing effect of movement. She will also be teaching optional morning yoga classes on Saturday and Sunday before the lectures begin.

    Kate NorthrupFinancial Freedom for Physical and Emotional Health with Kate Northrup

    Kate Northrup is a professional freedom seeker and creative entrepreneur. She created financial freedom for herself at the age of 28 through building a team of more than 1,000 wellness entrepreneurs in the network marketing industry. She will speak to how our financial health is connected to our physical and emotional health. We’ll unlock some simple, totally doable actions you can take to creating financial freedom that don’t involve spreadsheets or investment accounts.

    Anthony AndersonPermaculture and Re-Growing Paradise with Anthony Anderson

    In this discussion Anthony outlines the positive solutions that will bring us from poverty to full abundance at every level. Covering topics like selecting land, planting trees, working with animals, Anthony brings an uplifting message of hope and leaves the audience with a solid foundation to begin their own gardening journey.

    Kimberly HartkeTransforming Our Food & Fermenting Your Way to Radical Health with Kimberly Hartke

    This presentation will teach you how to make and use fermented foods both internally and topically for longevity. You will learn why fermented foods are a valuable addition to your daily diet, the importance of enzymes for digestion, metabolism, why home preservation is safer than you might think, why cultured raw milk is a super food with healing power, and the many types of fermented foods and how they each improve your health.

    Dr. Bob JohnsonThe 8 Underlying Causes of all Health Problems by Dr. Robert Johnson

    Toxins are one of the eight underlying causes of disease. Dr. Johnson will speak to everyday toxins like chlorinated water, sugar, caffeine, processed and microwaved food, dust, cell phones, cosmetics, household cleaning agents, air pollution, mold, mercury amalgam fillings and stress. And he will teach you easy steps to rid your body of toxins in order to increase your energy, improve digestion, lower cholesterol and blood pressure, slow or actually reverse aging process, dramatically reduce chronic pain and inflammation, reduce depression and improve your mood, and lose weight.

    Cory GallantHow to Leverage the Internet To Build your Business with Cory Gallant

    Join Cory Gallant, President of Zesty Consulting services, for an interactive and informative session where you will learn: 5 things you’re doing every day that are wasting time and money, how your website can make you money while you sleep and how to use social media to drive sales.


    Dr. Norm ShealyFrom Birth to Bliss—The Power of Conscientious Living with Dr. Norman Shealy

    The most important innovation in acupuncture in 4000 years—Acupuncture points can be activated with specific essential oils, as well as with needles! Although massage and tapping of points can be useful, optimal results until now have been with needles and electrical stimulation. Now specific blends of essential oils on specific circuits in the body have been shown to raise oxytocin, reduce free radicals, increase calcitonin, regulate aldosterone and raise DHEA. Clinical applications for a wide variety of disorders will be discussed.

    George LamoureuxTransform Your Life with Tonic Herbs with George Lamoureux

    Master herbalist George Lamoureux will provide a roadmap to vibrant health and longevity, drawing from the ancient and time-tested teachings of the Taoist sages. You’ll learn the three types of energy in your body, and how each one can be depleted or renewed. You’ll also learn about herbs that can protect your DNA and slow the aging process. George has been a tonic and clinical herbalist for two decades and has founded a Chinese herbal company called Jing Herbs.

    Dr. Joseph AnnibaliLyme Disease and the Brain with Dr. Joseph Annibali

    Lyme disease is epidemic on the east coast and is quite common in the rest of the United States. In most patients, Lyme disease affects brain functioning. Using brain SPECT imaging, we can usually see the ways in which Lyme negatively affects the brain. Once we see what Lyme does to the brain, we are then in a position to give targeted recommendations for improving brain function in Lyme patients. This presentation will explain how we use brain SPECT to diagnose and treat the brain issues that arise with Lyme.


    IHCA Members get a 50% discount and Platinum Members receive complimentary admission.

    To become a member, click here.

    Get your discounted tickets here.

    Platinum members, RSVP here.

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