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    April Member of the Month: Nicolle Flood-Sawczyszyn, CHHC


    IHCA: How are you using (or planning to use) your health coach certification?

    NF: To help people improve and achieve their health and wellbeing goals, incorporate disease prevention into a daily routine, and show people how eating the correct foods can increase their longevity.

    IHCA: What is your area of expertise and what kind of client do you coach?

    NF: My expertise is with a Plant Based Whole Foods lifestyle. I coach open-minded people who are looking to: improve their energy, quality of sleep, ability to focus, loose weight, reduce or get off medication, and people who want to take their health to a completely new level of vitality.

    IHCA: Can you tell us about your proudest or most exciting moment as a health coach?

    NF: When I had a client loose 37 pounds, lower cholesterol, regain 90% mobility back in their left knee, resume rigorous hiking at high altitudes, and feel their best ever at age 50.

    IHCA: Do you have any fun/interesting hobbies that have grown from your interest in holistic health?

    NF: I love hunting wild mushrooms, but have taken it to a new level since becoming a health coach and hunt them year round now. I continue to attend mycology seminars and explore the medicinal benefits that many of the Asian cultures utilize and attribute to their longevity and superior wellbeing.

    IHCA: Do you have any special knowledge, stories or experiences within the health coaching field that you could share to help fellow health coaches reach their goals?

    NF: I surround myself with a few likeminded entrepreneurs and am always handing out business cards. I look at the opportunity to explain our new profession as a privilege. Often times I get a follow up email and dialogue started just by simply have a good 30-second explanation of what I do and how I actually improve people’s lives.

    IHCA: Do you have any coaching/counseling tips or tricks you’ve learned along the way that you can share with other health coaches?

    NF: Listen, Listen, Listen, people actually want to talk…I really focus on high mileage questions. Often times I personally get something out of a session as well. I also send a follow up text just to let them know I’m thinking of them and they are not alone on the journey towards wellbeing.

    IHCA: What marketing technique do you utilize with the most success? Can you tell us more about how you use this marketing technique?

    NF: I don’t do a lot of marketing. I have a FaceBook business page, but prefer word of mouth referrals; those are the serious people that contact me. I also conduct one seminar quarterly for free and often get a lot of positive feedback from those.

    IHCA: What is your favorite meal to cook for yourself?

    NF: I’m Vegan and Gluten free and LOVE all fruits and vegetables so it’s really hard to narrow down to one, but love Mexican, Asian, and Italian cuisine.

    IHCA: What is the greatest life lesson you have learned since beginning your health coach training?

    NF: Even when you don’t think you are making a difference, people are watching and listening to you. The ripple effect of people sharing your information and changing other people’s lives is truly amazing. You will actually help people you will never meet or know about, but they will be grateful all the same.

    IHCA: What activities or thoughts keep you motivated and moving forward with your goals and dreams?

    NF: What keeps me motivated is the fact that our government has refused to be transparent with the fundamental freedoms regarding food. The labeling laws, GMO issues, inauthentic approach to food as an option to drugs and its impact on U.S. health concerns are also what keep me moving powerfully forward as a Holistic Health Coach.

    Nicolle Flood-Sawczyszyn, CHC is the owner of Whole in One Health Coaching. I played 4 years of division I college a golf and have a BS in Physical Education from UNC Wilmington. I was Professional Golfer for 4 years and played in Europe, South Africa, and here in the US, I am Whole Foods, Plant Based Certified through T Colin Campbell Foundation. I am a member of the American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP) and will graduate in May 2013 from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition as a Holistic Health Coach. I’m an avid traveler and have been to 49 states 27 countries, love all sports, gardening, and foraging for wild botanicals and mushrooms.

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