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    The Health Coach Dream…Is It A Reality?

    Cortney Budneywritten by Cortney Budney, CHHC

    My name is Cortney Budney and I am a Healthfully & Happily Ever After Life Transformation Coach and a Fairytale Business Transformation Expert. I have been doing this work since 2011 and have had an amazing journey full of lessons, excitement, frustration, overcoming fears, and a lot of personal growth.

    I graduated from Institute for Integrative Nutrition where I received my health coach certification as well as support in starting my business. My experience was that the schooling was excellent and WELL worth the money invested.

    So the question is… why was it such a struggle for me to start my business? Why do thousands of people graduate from the program and most eventually give up and go back to their 9-5 job? Why are some people a couple years into trying to start their business and still have only a couple of clients and are struggling to find their way?

    Through my own struggles, thousands of dollars of money invested poorly, a lot of perseverance, getting one on one business coaching, and personal study and reflection, I have learned some key principles everyone should consider and put into practice if they desire to create a successful business.

    For those who have been through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition’s (IIN) coaching program, you likely will agree it is an amazing, life changing, and empowering program. So why in the world do most coaches give up? Were they just not as driven as people like you and I, who will do anything to share our passion for wellness and happiness with the world? Maybe that is true of a few… but probably not of most. I believe most of the graduates at IIN really did have a strong desire to help the world become a healthier and happier place and to have a successful and abundant business.

    I know that there were many times I almost gave up because I just didn’t have the money or mental/emotional energy to keep supporting a business that was putting me into debt. My business felt incomplete and I didn’t really know what my purpose or message was. My work with clients was wonderful, but I often found myself trying to follow session outlines and give out the appropriate session handouts, which just never felt right to me.

    I would have amazing “health histories” with people, but when it came time to share my program I would start listing all of the things that IIN provided to make up a program, “Food education tools, 12 one on one sessions, etc” and I honestly lost my passion and excitement because it did not feel authentic or true to what I actually wanted to offer people. This is something clients can pick up on energetically and when people can see that you are not excited about what you are offering, they will not be excited either. People want to know that you believe in the work you are doing with them and that you are excited about everything it includes.

    So how did I get to the point that I was having powerful initial sessions with people and was offering a program I was truly passionate about?

    I stopped following outlines, guidelines, etc and I really started to get in touch with what my Mission and Message were!

    Without a mission and a message, you will likely continue to spin your wheels and never be recognized for the amazing person you are and for the gifts you have to share with the world.

    Think about all of the speakers you listened to at IIN. They all had a distinct message to share. Their vision, mission, and message were clear and although they were all related in regard to health and wellness, they were all unique. David Wolfe talks about raw foods and superfoods, Weston A. Price Foundation is all about raw milk, tribal eating, fermented foods, and John Douillard’s message is about Ayurveda and Seasonal eating and living.

    Other examples:
    Eckhart Tolle- his main message is always about being present. He has many ways of sharing this message, but that is the main message.

    Debbie Ford- her message was all about “shadows” and allowing the things you think are “bad” about you to be present and to integrate them instead of trying to push them away.

    Derek Rydall- He talks about the Law of Emergence and how we don’t need to be fixed, we are not broken, we just need to allow the amazing being we are inside to emerge.

    Most successful speakers, writers, and healers have a main message and behind the message is the mission that is driving them.

    So what is your mission? And if one of your clients or workshop attendees was asked what your message was, what would they say?

    Own it! Leave your mission and message in the comments below…I, Cortney A. Budney, am here to help you achieve the fairytale business and reality of your dreams. I am a Healthfully & Happily Ever After Transformation Coach and a Fairytale Business Transformation Expert, and owner of WholeMinded Wellness. I have a knack for supporting my clients in understanding what limiting belief systems and subconscious habits may be holding them back from creating true success and abundance in their lives. I hold my clients’ hands and help them to push past their fears, develop belief systems and practices that are in alignment with their desired reality, and aid them in truly stepping into their power so they can continue to create the reality they desire throughout the rest of their lives. We all have the power to create our own reality; we are our own Fairy Godmothers! I simply help my clients learn that they have the power and teach them how to harness it so they never again have to live a life that is not 100% their own desired creation.

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    1. Peggy Ennenga May 31, 2013 at 1:56 pm #

      Awesome post, Cortney!

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