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    The Root Cause Of Your Anxiety with Christine Krieger

    All of a sudden I have become much more aware of when I am stressed, anxious and fearful – and intent on reducing these negative mental and physical responses to life! It all came into greater focus this month for me.

    Anxiety is like poison in our veins. It stimulates all the wrong kinds of hormones – the hormones that cause inflammation and fear. And it suppresses the good hormones – the hormones that reduce inflammation and make us happy.

    I’ve invited my dear friend and mentor, Christine Krieger, to help us shed light on this topic today. Through our discussion on TBYH Radio today, we want to show you how to identify what is causing your particular anxiety by discussing what causes anxiety in general.

    Take a listen to this episode and see if it helps you to identify the root cause of your anxiety…

    The only way to reduce anxiety is to take an honest look at what is making us anxious in the first place. {tweet it!}


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