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    3 Ways to Get the Vacation Effect at Home

    Don’t you wish you could bottle that relaxed feeling you get on your first few days of vacation? Your brow becomes unfurrowed, your jaw relaxes, your shoulders come down a notch and all seems right with the world. We take vacations to escape, to explore, to unwind or to seek adventure.

    But what if you can’t afford to get away or take more than a few days off from work? Perhaps a “day-cation” is in order!

    working on the deck
    I like to take my work outside and enjoy the fresh air!
    We spend so much of our time indoors in an office, our cars or school that we lose the connection with what really matters – our health. Taking a mini-break or respite from our daily lives can provide immeasurable amounts of stress-relief and mood-boosting happiness.

    By taking a short escape, we can reset those buttons and bring a sense of calm to our bodies, similar to the feeling we get on vacations. We’re in the perfect time of year with the cold days of winter behind us and the long, hot days of summer are still ahead. Now, is the perfect time to get outside and smell the proverbial flowers.

    So, how do you bring the vacation to you? Try these 3 tactics:

    Unplug – I love to do this daily by taking 10-15 minutes to do the things that bring me joy. Whether that’s sitting on my deck watching the wildlife scurry by or listening to my favorite music, I try to get in some valuable “me” time every day. Gardening is a great way to connect with nature and the benefits are so great.

    Treat Yourself – When I go on a true vacation, I usually buy a new dress, top or swimsuit for the trip and get a relaxing pedicure. So, why not treat yourself to a similar experience at home and reap the benefits? It doesn’t have to be expensive. I’ve found some great deals online and at local department stores. I scored a $7 top that makes me feel pretty and gets lots of compliments. Then, have friends over for dinner and share a laugh.

    Create Your Own Escape – Consider a “local” getaway by traveling within a 1-2 hour radius from your home.  Look into local festivals, a summer music concert series or a quaint B&B. Try hiking a local trail, renting kayaks, horseback riding, exploring new towns and restaurants or just go on a random drive outside the city.

    walking on beach

    Think about where you will take your next short escape.  Maybe try a new restaurant off the beaten path or explore a nearby museum. Taking these mini-breaks from the “business” of life can improve your mood, focus and well-being and bring you to the present.

    So smile, take deep breaths, revel in the beauty of the season and make time to nurture and care of yourself every day.

    How do you get away from the “business” of life? How have they allowed you to Take Back Your Health™? Please comment and share your escapes with us!

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