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    What Is An Elimination Diet And How Can It Help Me?

    Food Allergies

    A good friend of mine started Dr. Junger’s Clean Program today. His program is built upon the practice of a traditional elimination diet and includes vitamin fortified shakes and supplements to support detoxification of major organs. I have done this program in the past and believe it is a good product. However, it costs several hundred dollars. So…for those of you who want to try the elimination diet without the expensive supplements here are some pointers for how you can go about it on your own.

    Start with understanding the practice of a traditional elimination diet. Elimination diets are not about eliminating foods from your life forever. They are about finding out which foods are best for you and which are triggers for inflammation, poor gut health, joint pain, skin irritations and other negative physical responses.

    Elimination diets have two main phases. During phase one you eliminate a host of trigger foods such as

    • refined sugar
    • caffeine
    • wheat and glutenous grains
    • dairy
    • eggs
    • nightshade fruits and veggies
    • nuts
    • shellfish
    • red meat

    Then, during phase two, you gradually add these previously eliminated foods back into your diet – being careful to introduce one at a time so as to determine which foods are your triggers and which are safe for your body.

    Because of bio-individuality, outcomes of the elimination diet are different for everyone. One person’s favorite frittata is another person’s toxic, inflammatory poison.

    Started as a mainstream therapy for food sensitivies in the early twentieth century, the elimination diet has helped thousands understand how food is at the root cause of their allergies or illnesses and provided a basis upon which to commence treatment using food as medicine.

    To successfully begin an elimination diet follow these five simple steps:

    1. Keep a Food/Mood Diary: Prior to starting the actual elimination diet, keep a food diary listing what you ate and how you felt. This is best way to correlate, identify and track symptoms caused by trigger foods.
    2. Prior, Proper, Planning: Next, start planning for 2-6 weeks on the diet by preparing your kitchen with the necessary grocery items. (And getting rid of what you don’t want to have around!)
    3. Start eliminating: The first week up to a month should find you eating only from the elimination diet approved list of foods. During this time you are ridding your body of potential triggers.
    4. Reintroduce. During the second up to sixth week is when you will reintroduce the eliminated trigger foods one at a time. The food diary will again be a helpful tool in tracking your potential trigger foods.
    5. Adapt & Implement Change: During the re-introduction phase you learned which foods have negative effects on your body. Going forward, avoid these foods so as to eliminate symptoms of illness and allergies and live better!

    *Side effects of the elimination diet may include happiness, weight loss, abundant energy and glowing skin.


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