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    How To Get What You Want In Love, Health and Career pt. 2

    Expecting to get what you want sounds selfish and greedy. That’s not what we’re here to talk about today.

    The kind of “Getting what you want” that I’m talking about is the desire you feel to be happy and fulfilled, to accomplish goals and realize your dreams, and to feel exhilaration and love.

    During Part 1, we talked about how to identify what is going well in your life and how to identify what is not going well. Then we talked about how to clear your mind long enough to get in touch with what you want and how you are going to start changing your life in ways that will bring you more of what you want.

    Today’s episode continues deeper into the “how” – we talk about what exactly you can do on a daily basis to start getting more of what you want.

    It’s a big topic and shaping your life takes time – but it’s important to feel good and happy with yourself if you want to Take Back Your HealthTM. So listen in to the episode, then let us know what you want in the comments below!.


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