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    Secrets for Faster Inch Loss, Healthy Hormones and Brain-Body Fitness

    Today on TBYH Radio we’re interviewing one of our most-anticipated Take Back Your Health™ DC Speakers, Teresa Tapp.

    Teresa Tapp is the creator of the T-Tapp Method of Mindful Movement, best selling author of Fit & Fabulous in 15 Minutes and star of the PBS Documentary Healthy Hormones…Brain Body Fitness.

    Teresa is a muscle activation specialist who teachers you how to work smarter not harder and how to fit fitness into your life rather than fit your life around your fitness program.

    The T-Tapp Workout is centered around spinal alignment and neuro-kinetic (brain-body) flow and is safe for all ages and fitness levels. T-Tapp to only helps you look your best but also helps to realign the body properly to improve chronic pain from back,neck and knee pain as well as helping people with thyroid issues and all types of auto-immune diseases and the side benefit is that inch loss comes very quick which is – after all – what keeps you doing a program.

    Take a listen to the episode and make sure to come hear what Teresa has to teach us at the Take Back Your Health Conference™!


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      […] Small tweaks in your posture while working out can make for very different physical results. Teresa Tapp has a unique approach to fitness, which she shared with us during Saturday morning seminar. If you missed her talk at the conference, we also interviewed Teresa on TBYH Radio last month. You can listen to the episode here. […]

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