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    3 Things I Learned At TBYH Conference – Washington DC

    Relaxing-Time in hammock

    On November 1 and 2, 2014 we gathered for our 5th Take Back Your Health Conference™ in Washington, D.C.

    I was a little bit of an anxious wreck the month leading up to it – organizing last-minute travel details, ironing out our audio visual needs, scrambling to gather product donations for our gift bags, etc. But in the end I felt like it was one of the best conferences we’ve had yet. In the 4 years that I’ve been hosting these events, I have never had so many of you come up to me and thank me or tell me how much you are enjoying the event. This is why I love organizing this conference so much!

    There were three main lessons that I took away from this conference.

    1. Small tweaks in your posture while working out can make for very different physical results. Teresa Tapp has a unique approach to fitness, which she shared with us during Saturday morning seminar. If you missed her talk at the conference, we also interviewed Teresa on TBYH Radio last month. You can listen to the episode here.
    2. I learned that the most-used herbicide in the United States, glyphosphate (Round Up™), cannot be removed by peeling or washing. Short term exposure to glyphosphate can cause headaches, high blood pressure, swollen eyes and joints, burning itching skin, etc. “A 1999 study, A Case-Control Study of Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma and Exposure to Pesticides, (American Cancer Society, 1999), found that people exposed to glyphosate are 2.7 times more likely to contract non-Hodgkin Lymphoma.[source]. All of this is to say that organic food is an increasingly important choice to make if you are trying to Take Back Your Health™.
    3. Going to bed at 8:30pm does a body good! The weekend was going very well and by Saturday night my body was finally relaxing and revealing how tired it was. I curled up in bed wearing my most comfortable T-shirt at 8pm. It felt so good to be off my feet that I decided I was not going to get up again until morning. When I woke up the next morning I felt like I had rested enough and my body was completely refreshed. It felt good to take care of myself in that way.

    Now that we’ve wrapped up the Fall conference, we’re moving on to the Spring 2015 TBYH Conference happening in Los Angeles. Stay tuned for details! Be sure to sign up for our email updates if you want to be notified about upcoming events.

    See you at the next Take Back Your Health Conference™!


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