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    How To Get Out Of An Emotional Funk

    This is a topic that I return to every once in awhile because I know how common it is to feel depressed, lonely, unfulfilled, frustrated or stuck.

    I have been through all of these emotions, repeatedly, both for long and short periods of times. Nutrition has played a huge role in eliminating these emotions.

    But these feelings are a healthy and normal part of our emotional cycles. What is not healthy is when you get stuck in a bad-feeling emotion and it is hindering your participation in, or enjoyment of, your life.

    It has now been six and a half months since my cross-country move from D.C. to L.A. It’s been wonderful and happy and easy, until recently…

    The Take Back Your Health Conference™ is growing into a bi-coastal event and the TBYH Radio and lifestyle blog is growing every day. I’m working on the first TBYH book and we’re going to start videos in the next few months.

    Lately I have felt out of balance. I know that this is because I am stretching myself thin with my work, in an unfamiliar city. Other things outside of my control have also contributed to this feeling, like unnecessary family drama.

    When you stretch yourself thin and you neglect your self-care…
    you lose sleep,
    you walk around on edge,
    you get frustrated with others when they take your time,
    and emotions, like loneliness and self-doubt, become magnified.

    This fall I let the self-doubt go too far – to the point of being paralyzed from action. I couldn’t even write this email to you all! I finally turned to my boyfriend. He sees me more clearly than I can see myself sometimes.

    I told him that I felt like I was losing myself in the enormity of the changes I had made this year. That’s when he did something for me that changed my mood instantly. I was able to get back to writing this email to you and our relationship grew deeper for it.

    I’m going to share his trick with you today on TBYH Radio. I’m also going to share the three things that I do to get out of an emotional funk. Listen in to the episode above. Then, share your thoughts below in the comment section! We can all benefit from sharing our experiences and wisdom.

    with love,

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