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    Seaweed Salad

    I bought this sea vegetable salad mix a few weeks ago while I was exploring the shelves of my local health food store.

    I’m most excited about it because this salad mix makes homemade seaweed salad much more doable and much less intimidating!

    All you have to do is soak and drain the sea vegetables, then add dressing and any other optional vegetables that you desire.

    Seaweed is an important food in a healing diet. For more information, read Andrea Beaman’s post about sea vegetables here.

    1 package Sea Snax Sea Vegi Seaweed Salad Mix (Where to buy: Health Food Stores or
    2 T. any asian flavored sesame dressing (I like: San-J Mongolian Beef Sauce
    because it has a short list of ingredients and no chemicals or allergens)
    1 T. rice vinegar
    1/2 t. red chili pepper flakes
    1 carrot, peeled
    1 T. sliced red onion or shallots
    1 sliced orange, apple or avocado

    1. Soak the sea vegetables in cold water for 7 minutes. Meanwhile, peel and slice the red onion/shallot and the orange/apple/avocado. Use the vegetable peeler to shave the carrot into thin strips.



    2. After 7 minutes, drain the sea vegetables. Combine all ingredients into a medium bowl and toss to combine. Alternatively, you can keep the carrots/oranges/apples/avocados separate, as in the picture below. Optional garnish: white sesame seeds





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