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    Natural Skincare: How To Choose The Safest Products on the Shelf

    natural skincare how to choose the safest products on the shelf take back your health radio with robin shirley and guest expert Lacey Swartz

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    You’ve heard it before: Your skin absorbs everything you put on it – including chemicals. So, you’ve decided you want to switch to healthier products…

    But I see two major problems with the natural skin care industry:

    1. Marketing claims are misleading, making us believe that some products are healthier than they actually are.

    2. The skincare products that actually are safe, don’t always get the job done.

    Let’s clear up the confusion and give you a better understanding of the chemicals and products to avoid and how to use more natural ingredients in your everyday skincare routine.

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    Today I’m interviewing Lacey Swartz, natural skin care and home care expert…

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    Having worked in the natural products and home business fields since 2005, Lacey is highly skilled at helping people understand both of these topics more fully in order to draw their own informed conclusions, without ever pushing her own opinions or choices on anyone.

    She also provides natural health and sustainable living resources via her inbox magazine to save her readers hours of internet research time, and answers common questions to spare her clients the waste and frustration of a trial and error approach to purchasing natural products in an age of greenwashing.


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