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    12 Grocery Delivery Services with a Healthy Focus

    grocery delivery
    I just recently became more interested in grocery delivery. I used to be in so much chronic pain from chronic lyme disease and juvenile rheumatoid arthritis that it was difficult to shop for myself, but there weren’t many delivery options where I lived. Now there are almost too many options!

    I am trying out a few delivery services now – mostly from local farms that grow pasture-raised beef and poultry and some local CSA’s for organic produce.

    Do you have your groceries delivered?

    Here is a list of some popular and highly rated grocery delivery services across the United States… If you can’t find one on the list in your area, try searching the web for “grocery delivery service in [your city]”

    Launching Soon!

    Simply Real Foods Market: This online store will be launching in late 2016, nationwide. They are committed to GMO-free everything, which is a must when you’re taking back your health. There are no membership fees either, which is rare!


    grocery delivery2

    1. PeaPod Online Grocery Delivery
    Delivery Locations: Mid Atlantic and Northeast United States, Wisconsin, Chicago, Indianapolis.
    Fees: $60 min. order, between $8-$10 delivery fee.
    Photo credit: Under photo, original article at



    2. Instacart
    Delivery Locations: Most major US cities.
    Fees: First delivery is free on orders over $10. Various delivery pricing options are available based on your order total. Membership options for free delivery are also available.
    Photo Credit: Original article at

    3. Von’s / Safeway Delivery
    Delivery Locations:
    Most major US cities and suburbs. Check your zip code on the site.
    Fees: Free initial delivery. Simply enter the Promo Code: EASY7 at checkout. $49 minimum order. “Regular home delivery rates in most areas are $9.95 on purchases of $150 or more (excluding applicable tax, delivery fee, fuel surcharge, bottle deposits and bag fees where applicable) and $12.95 on purchases under $150 (excluding applicable tax, delivery fee, fuel surcharge, bottle deposits and bag fees where applicable).”

    4. Amazon Fresh
    Delivery Locations:
    Southern California, coming to other major US cities soon.
    Fees: $7.99 per delivery for Amazon Prime Members, Free for Prime Fresh Members

    5. Personal Assistant
    I know, this isn’t really a grocery delivery service. But you can find someone on, or who will do your shopping and errands for you for $10-20/hour, depending on your city.

    good eggs

    6. Good Eggs
    Delivery Locations: Los Angeles, SF Bay Area, New York City, New Orleans
    Fees: $0-$7.99
    Photo credit: Original article at Edible Brooklyn


    Mid-Atlantic United States:

    grocery delivery1

    7. Relay Foods
    Delivery Locations: Baltimore, DC, Virginia
    Fees: “A single home delivery has a fee of somewhere between $12-15 based on your location. Or for just $30/month, you can get unlimited deliveries by signing up for Relay Doorstep.”
    Photo credit: Photo from the blog at

    8. Washington’s Green Grocer
    Delivery Locations: Maryland, Delaware, D.C., Virginia. Check your zip code here.
    Fees: Uncertain… looks like the fee is included in box prices.



    9. Deliveer
    Delivery Locations: Los Angeles
    Fees: They charge $6.99 for scheduled deliveries and $10.99 for express delivery in under 2 hours.



    10. SPUD (Sustainable Produce Urban Delivery)
    Delivery Locations: Los Angeles, San Francisco and Canada
    Fees: Free delivery
    Photo Credit: Original post on In Sonnet’s Kitchen


    primal pastures

    11. Primal Pastures
    Delivery Locations: Southern California
    Fees: Ranging from $0 – $15 depending on your order total.

    12. Farm Fresh To You
    Delivery Locations: Southern California
    Fees: This is a CSA produce box, you choose the theme of your box. There is no delivery fee – it’s built into your box fee.

    Well, these are just some of the many services out there. And there are more coming all the time.

    Did I leave out your favorite grocery delivery service? Let me know about it in the comments below.

    Keep taking back your health,


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