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    Watermelon Mint Mojitos {Paleo, Refined Sugar-Free}

    Watermelon Minto Mojitos copy

    Earlier this week I hosted a Superfood Mocktails Tasting and Recipe Demo at Yogasmoga in Brentwood, Los Angeles. It is such a beautiful space to be in and the people who came were so much fun. I love meeting you guys in person!

    Get Your Drink On

    I made Watermelon Mint Mojitos and Lime Coconut Coolers for everyone to try. These “mocktails” are part of a series of drink recipes found in my Superfood Drinks: Beverages for Energy, Strength and Healing Ebook. This ebook is a collection of cocktails, tonics, smoothies and shakes that all contain nutrient-dense superfoods.

    Superfoods are the foods to which I attribute most of my healing from chronic Lyme disease and autoimmune disease.

    Repair Tissue Damage, Have More Energy and Build a Stronger Body

    Simply put, superfoods are foods that contain a higher density of antioxidants and nutrients per calorie compared to other foods. You get more nutrition per bite when you eat these foods. So, superfood drinks are the most effective way to hydrate and get the nutrition you need to repair tissue damage, have more energy and build a stronger body. Superfoods have become pretty popular in the past few years…are you using any superfoods in your diet?

    take back your health with robin shirley monthly meetup at yogasmoga

    We Used These Superfoods At The Gathering:

    Camu Camu Berry is a fruit that grows in the floodplain of the Amazon river. The fruit absorbs a wide range of nutrients from the diverse ecosystem in which it grows, including vitamin c, potassium, flavonoids, various organic acids including gallic acid and ellagic acid, and several essential and non-essential amino acids including leucine, serine and valine. Camu Camu Berry contains 60 times more vitamin C than an orange per serving! Flavonoids are the antioxidants in plants that give them their vibrant colors and work synergistically with vitamin C to heal the body more effectively. These antioxidants reduce oxidative stress and help to repair tissue damage. The fruit and its individual nutrients are being studied for their ability to fight cancer, herpes and other viral infections. I use this Camu Camu Berry Powder.

    Coconuts contain medium chain fatty acids, one of which is called lauric acid. When lauric acid is broken down into smaller compounds through digestion, a compound called monolaurin is created, which research has shown to be antiviral and antibacterial. Medium chain fatty acids are also considered the perfect fuel for your liver, and have been considered weight loss agents by the NIH.  I use this coconut oil and this coconut cream.

    Chlorella is a blue green algae that contains all essential amino acids and many antioxidants including beta carotene (tissue repair) and chlorophyll (detoxification and tissue oxygenation and growth). Chlorella reproduces rapidly, which makes it a sustainable and reliable food source for humans. I use this chlorella.

    Okay, after researching and writing all of that, my inspiration to use these superfoods every day just skyrocketed! Sometimes I fall out of my healthy habits too, you know. Which one are you going to try first?

    Back To The Evening…

    After everyone had a chance to sample both drinks, I did a demo and taught everyone how easy it is to make them. I also debuted my Superfood Drinks Ebook and Yogasmoga gave everyone $25 off any item(s) in the entire store!

    We’ll be hosting get-togethers just like this each month in Los Angeles at Yogasmoga Brentwood. Keep an eye on our upcoming events page for dates and details!

    Find the recipe for Watermelon Mint Mojitos below…

    take back your health with robin shirley monthly meetup

    take back your health with robin shirley monthly meetup at yogasmoga

    Watermelon Mint Mojitos

    Serves 4-5
    Prep Time: 15-20 minutes

    ½ of a large watermelon
    generous pinch of sea salt
    1/2 cup filtered water, more to blend, if needed
    2 dropperfuls of liquid stevia extract
    2 t. camu berry powder

    2 lemons
    2 limes
    4 cups of filtered water (for mocktail version) OR
    3 cups filtered water and 1 cup vodka (for cocktail version)
    2 generous pinches of sea salt
    3-4 dropperfuls of liquid stevia extract

    1 cup mint leaves, removed from stem and rinsed

    You Will Need:
    cutting board
    chef’s knife
    1-2 quart pitcher


    1. Cut the watermelon half into half, then into half again, so you have 4 triangular pieces. For all 4 pieces, slice the flesh away from the rinds, cutting as close to the rinds as possible. You will have 4 pyramid shaped watermelon pieces.

    2. Roughly chop 2 of the watermelon pieces and put into the blender. Add a generous pinch of sea salt, 3/4 cup filtered water, 2 teaspoons camu berry powder and 2 dropperfuls of liquid stevia extract. Blend until smooth – about 15 seconds. Leave in the blender if serving soon, or store in tupperware and keep refrigerated until ready to serve.

    3. Take the remaining two pieces of watermelon and chop into 1-inch cubes. Refrigerate or freeze.

    4. Cut the lemon and lime into halves. Into a pitcher, squeeze the juice from the lemons and limes. Add 3-4 dropperfuls of liquid stevia extract and 4 cups filtered water (and/or vodka), plus a generous pinch of sea salt.

    5. At this point, you can keep all mixtures refrigerated until ready to serve.

    6. When ready to serve: Set aside about 5 mint leaves. Take the pitcher with the lemon/lime mixture and add the cubed watermelon and mint leaves. Then, pour the blended watermelon puree on top. Garnish with the reserved mint leaves.


    watermelon mint mojito recipe by robin shirley

    take back your health with robin shirley monthly meetup at yogasmoga

    Why Is A Healthy Lifestyle So Difficult To Maintain?

    After everyone had their fill of drinks, some of us wandered off, back to reality. Some of us stayed and chatted longer.

    The last part of the evening was for talking a little bit more about our individual health concerns.  I wanted to find out what everyone knew they should be doing for their health, but wasn’t, for whatever reason.

    We found out that at that moment in time, most of us felt that we needed to be exercising more and/or eating better. Both are very common, but not very specific. I encouraged everyone to be more specific about how they thought they should incorporate more exercise or better eating.

    I Know The Answer!

    As everyone went in turn around the circle and described their specific challenge, I noticed that the one thing keeping everyone from being able to eat better or exercise more was that they didn’t know how to incorporate more exercise or better eating into their lifestyle and make it into a habit.

    Over 15 years of personal trial and error and 5 years of consulting with others, I can see that the reason we don’t stick with healthy habits is that they take time out of our day and we don’t know how to successfully incorporate them into our daily schedule so that they don’t feel like a chore.

    My advice is to take one healthy habit at a time, and find a way to add it comfortably into your day.

    For example, if my habit was that I want to stretch more, I would start to do it right after my night-time shower, a time when my muscles are warmed up and I am not in a hurry to be anywhere else.

    Another example could be drinking more water – I always tell people to keep a full glass of water by the bed and start drinking as soon as you wake up. The hydration will start to feel so good that you won’t go back, and you’ll naturally keep looking for opportunities to drink water throughout the day.

    I hope you enjoy the mojitos, and found a helpful hint or two in this post!

    If you want some more Superfood Drink recipes, make sure to check out my ebook!

    Keep taking back your health,

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      Thanks Robin. I found the recipe of watermelon mint mojito online that you made me last night at Yogasmoga.

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