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    Autumn Harvest Salad

    Autumn Harvest Salad by Robin Shirley

    Autumn Harvest Salad by Robin Shirley

    Last Saturday I flew home to Virginia to get ready to host the Take Back Your Health Conference. We are just a few weeks away and tickets are going fast! We are almost sold out and it feels good. After 8 TBYH Conferences, our team is really getting creative and we have some fun surprises planned for this fall’s event. We’ll be emailing you with all the details over the coming weeks if you’re on our email newsletter!

    It seems that the fall weather arrived in Virginia with me – it’s been breezy and cool since I arrived and I am loving it. It is a very nice break from the 100-degree heat we’ve been getting in Los Angeles.

    The day after I arrived (Sunday) I taught a Chronic Lyme Disease Nutrition Seminar and Food Demo. We made delicious Herbal Chicken Soup, this Autumn Harvest Salad and my Green Detox Smoothie.

    It was such a great turnout with over 35 people there. Lyme disease is growing so fast, and it’s important that patients to be aware that nutrition can be a very powerful addition to your treatment, if you do it correctly.

    This Autumn Harvest Salad is easy to make, uses local and seasonal ingredients and contains a rainbow of colors, and therefore, antioxidants.

    Chronic Lyme Nutrition Robin Shirley

    Chronic Lyme Nutrition Robin Shirley

    Autumn Harvest Salad

    Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Paleo, Vegan
    serves 2

    Salad Ingredients:
    1 cup lettuce or other salad green
    1 cup kale or other salad green
    2 medium beets, pre-cooked OR roughly chopped and steamed until fork-tender
    large handful shredded carrots
    1 apple, chopped
    handful of Kalamata olives
    1/3 cup sunflower seeds
    raw fermented sauerkraut (rich in probiotics)

    Dressing Ingredients:
    3 T. olive oil
    2 T. almond butter
    2 T. filtered or spring water
    1.5 T. apple cider vinegar
    2 t. tamari
    2 t. maple syrup or honey


    1. Combine all dressing ingredients in a jar or bowl. Whisk with a fork until well combined. Dressing keeps for 1 week, covered and refrigerated.
    2. Chop the cooked beets to bite-size. Roughly chop the kale and lettuce to bite-size. Combine all salad ingredients in a bowl. Toss with dressing when ready to serve. Enjoy!

    Make sure to chew thoroughly – it’s got a lot of fiber and it’s important to help out your digestive system and much as possible. Chewing well will break down the fibers and allow the enzymes in your saliva to begin digesting the carbohydrates.

    I hope you enjoy this autumn-themed salad! Try it out and leave a comment below letting me know what you think.

    Keep taking back your health,


    Autumn Harvest Salad by Robin Shirley

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    1. Lisa September 20, 2015 at 3:09 pm #

      Looks great! But wanted to note that honey isn’t actually considered vegan. I will try the recipe with maple syrup as a substitute. Thanks!

    2. Bonny September 22, 2015 at 5:47 pm #

      I was looking for something different for a salad. This looks wonderful, especially the ferment. – Thanks!

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