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    53 Holiday Gift Ideas To Encourage Healthy Living

    53 holiday gift ideas


    We have so much power to make change in our health and in the health of the world just through our purchases.

    Where we put our money is where we will see growth.

    This list is not meant to make you stress about having to spend more money and give more gifts. This is a list of ideas to replace your current [and potentially unhealthy] gift ideas.

    From coffee lovers to fashionistas, and budding entrepreneurs to new parents, you’ll find something on the list for everyone!

    Let’s use this holiday season as an excuse to make powerful changes in the world by showing companies and political leaders just where, exactly, we are willing to spend our money!

    Keep taking back your health, 


    Healthy Home Goods

    Kitchen Tools – Everyone loves a new toy for their kitchen! And these are my three essential tools that anyone who wants to eat healthier needs to have in their kitchen. The blender helps you incorporate more fruit and veggie-rich smoothies and soups into the diet. And the large bamboo chopping block and set of sharp knives makes chopping fruits and vegetables much more pleasant! These tools make the perfect gift for an aspiring healthy cook.

    tribest dynoblender

    1. TriBest DynaBlend High Power Blender – Much more affordable than other high-powered blenders, the TriBest DynaBlend can blend up whole vegetables and fruits into delicious soups, smoothies and sorbets! $138.40



    bamboo cutting board

    2. Beautiful Extra Large and Thick Bamboo Cutting Board w/ Juice Grooves – The trick to getting a good cutting board is making sure that it’s large enough to do some serious chopping. And non-toxic, of course! $27.95


    mercer knife set

    3. Mercer Culinary Genesis 6-Piece Forged Knife Block Set – These are my personal favorite brand of professional knives. They are extremely affordable compared to other professional knives of the same quality. I love the feel of the handles and the weight balance is perfect. $133.65


    besswax candles

    Beeswax Candles – Beeswax candles make a perfect gift – especially the beautifully molded and fragranced candles. You’ll find them all over and your local health food store. They are preferable to petroleum-based paraffin candles with artificial fragrances. These toxic petroleum-based candles release known carcinogens into the air in your home. Avoid soy candles – soy is not a sustainable product and it’s growth is creating demand for more clearing of the rainforest. Avoid “natural fragrances” as well. This is a term defined by legislation that also includes artificial fragrances, including known carcinogens. I love buying honeybee products – creating a demand for beeswax products will create demand for protection of this declining species. Stick with all-natural beeswax fragranced with essential oils!

    4. Bluecorn Naturals 100% Pure Raw Beeswax 8oz Glass Candle $17.15



    OnGuard Kit – OnGuard is a delicious blend of aromatic essential oils that acts as an antimicrobial and antiviral immune support. The oil combination is based on an ancient blend of herbs and spices used during the plague. It’s a great addition to one’s skin care and cleaning routines during the cooler months when colds and flu are being spread. I use the toothpaste and the essential oil blend right now, and am anxious to get myself the laundry detergent – I’ll take clothes that have a slightly sweet, cinnamon scent anyday – Mmmm!

    5. doTerra OnGuard Essential Oil Blend $35.20

    6. OnGuard Cleaner Concentrate $15.95

    7. OnGuard Foaming Hand Wash $24.75

    8. OnGuard Natural Whitening Toothpaste $15.99

    9. OnGuard Laundry Detergent $26.95


    House Plants For Health – Houseplants are not only beautiful, but help purify indoor air and provide medicinal benefits. For example, aloe vera is not only an air purifier, but a wonderful remedy for burns. I’m always burning myself while cooking and a small slice off the aloe vera leaf provides a cooling juice that completely eliminates any pain from the burn.

    aloe vera

    10. Aloe Vera Plant with Usage and Care booklet $16.99

    11. Ocean Spider Plant, Easy to Grow, Cleans the Air, With Pot $13.99


    Healthy WorkPlace


    12. Standdesk – I’m in a career that requires me to write and research, a lot. I’m at my computer many hours each day. A stand desk is going to be essential for my health as I go forward in this career. My massage therapist first opened my eyes to the effects that he saw on my body from me sitting too much. Now I’m feeling neck pains, back strain and leg jitters from the stillness! Anyone who wants to be more productive and have a healthier work life, should definitely grab themselves one of these desks! $500 – $900



    13. EMF Radiation Case Defendershield for iPhone 5/5S, 6/6S and 6/6S Plus – I just started using this case six months ago because I have to spend hours on the phone some days. I used to be left with pulsing headaches after hour-long phone calls. Since using the case I no longer get those pulsing headaches. Radiation from your phone heats your brain tissue, which is why scientists believe cell phone use can lead to brain tumors. $69.99



    14. DefenderPad Laptop EMF Radiation & Heat Shield – I’m actually using this laptop pad right now as I write this post. I have noticed a reduction in the heat transfer from my laptop to my body and I do feel better about putting the laptop directly in my lap. My boyfriend made sure I had one – he is very sweet – making sure my ovaries don’t get fried! $97.99


    Sustainable Fashion

    If you’ve been following me on instagram or facebook, you know that I’m working with TEDxLA and EcoDivasTV to produce several events in 2015 and 2016 to educate and empower consumers to make healthier fashion choices. Fast fashion is an industry that is destroying our water supply, gobbling up our resources, ruining our health and disrespecting the lives of many people around the world.

    I’ve been learning a lot about brands that are producing in a healthier and more sustainable way. Here are just a few of them – EILEEN FISHER, TOMs, Gaiam, The North Face, Levis, Fahmina, Elle West Designs, and MaeMae Jewelry.


    elle west designs

    15. Elle West Designs – Eco-friendly, vegan and handmade in Los Angeles, the entire line is made using environmentally safe and responsible practices. Elle West spoke on our Sustainable Fashion panel at the spring 2015 Take Back Your Health Conference and is dedicated to encouraging and supporting healthy lifestyles through her life work. $80 – $400


    fahmina bracelet

    16. Fahmina – Accessories and jewelry handmade with love in Topanga Canyon, CA. All pieces are crafted from 100% recycled, reclaimed leather. I got to meet the gorgeous woman behind these designs last month and can’t wait to make it over to her store to get one of my own! $44 – $166


    mae mae jewelry

    17. MaeMae Jewelry That Loves You Back – This jewelry is handmade in the USA by a wonderful woman, with lots of love. She exhibited at the Take Back Your Health Conference this past year. She imbues each piece with her infectious positive attitude. The pieces come with a loving message written on the card like “Believe in the impossible” and “I am priceless.” I personally own a piece like the one pictured above! $16 – $55


    Women’s Shoes

    toms woolen classic women's shoe

    18. Toms Women’s Classic Woolen Casual Shoe – Comfy house shoes: the classic holiday gift! You have probably heard it before, “Each Pair Of Shoes You Purchase = A Pair Of Shoes For A Child In Need.” In fact, TOMs now has a whole line of products that give back, including coffee, bags and eyewear. And, they’ve set up a gift Marketplace on their website full of “gifts that give back”. $43-76


    eileen tug boot

    19. Eileen Fisher Women’s Tug Boot – Eileen Fisher has a goal to become 100% sustainable within a few years. This jeans they are switching to dye houses that are all bluesign certified – using 25% less water and non-toxic dyes. They are choosing fibers like organic linen and cotton and recycled polyester. They are going beyond carbon neutral – by 2020, their US operation will be carbon positive. I encourage you to read all about this amazing mission on their website. $155-250


    toms desert wedge

    20. TOMs Women’s Desert Wedge Shoes – Comes in many colors including black, white and metallic. $80-$100


    toms strappy wedge canvas

    21. TOMS Women’s Strappy Wedge Canvas Sandal – Very cute, and for a good cause! $32-$104


    Men’s Fashion

    levis black skinny mens

    22. Levi’s Men’s Slim Fit Jean – I met one of the designers on the Levi’s team last month at a San Francisco fashion event and heard straight from the source about their new waterless manufacturing method. Levi’s was the first company to look at how much and where water is actually being used during the lifetime of a pair of jeans. Not only are they now using a completely waterless manufacturing technique, they found that most of the water waste happens post-purchase when the customer washes the product. They are encouraging us to wash our jeans less!


    north face backyard hoodie

    23. The North Face Backyard Hoodie Mens – The North Face is still far from becoming a sustainable company, but I love them because they are beginning the difficult journey and communicating about it in intelligent and transparent ways. I met The North Face sustainability lead last month and was happy to learn that they are encouraging the needed collaboration between competing brands, which will create quicker change. They are holding themselves and their competitors responsible for what has been happening. The Backyard Hoodie is their first completely sustainable item and it makes a cozy and hip gift for any man. $75

    Women’s Organic / Sustainable Cotton Basics

    Gaiam and Threads for Thought are two brands that not only make great wardrobe basics, but are using sustainable materials including organics and recycled. Gaiam is actually about to launch a completely new, sustainable in-house clothing branch that caters to the yoga lifestyle. In the meantime, shop their organic line – check out the items below! Threads for Thought is a product made from recycled materials and supports fair wages in developing countries. They have an amazing mission…

    “With the growth of the fast fashion movement, the textile industry has become the third most polluting industry on the planet. Our goal is to bring change to an industry that desperately needs it.” – from the Threads4Thought website.



    24. Gaiam Women’s Organic Cotton Fold-Over Yoga Pant $33.99 – $46.99


    threads for thought long sleeve

    25. Threads 4 Thought Women’s Sydney Long Sleeve Scoop Neck Tee $15


    threads for thought

    26. Threads 4 Thought Women’s Ostrich Melange Eternity Scarf $28


    Coffee Lover

    bulletproof coffee

    27. Bulletproof® Whole Bean Coffee and Bulletproof® Ground Coffee – Coffee is a heavily sprayed food product – it’s drenched in pesticides! There is also a lot of mold growth on beans as they sit in storage and are transported. Mold toxins suppress the immune system and impair brain function. Bulletproof is dedicated to sourcing organic beans, at fair trade and free from mold toxins. $18.99


    french press

    28. Bodum 3-Cup French Press Coffee Maker – I love using a French Press. There is something very special about the process – it feels more personal than using an automatic coffee maker. This is also the perfect portable coffee maker for someone on the go. You can bring your healthy, mold-free beans and your little french press and have your healthy coffee wherever you are! $24.95


    rogers coffee k cups

    29. Organic Biodegradable K-Cups – We have got to stop running hot water through plastic cups and drinking the resulting liquid! Talk about plastic toxins getting into our food! Plastics contain estrogen-mimicking chemicals that mess with our own hormones, causing weight gain, thyroid disease and other troublesome conditions. Switch to these biodegradable k-cups and avoid the plastic, for your body and for the planet.

    Bulletproof Upgraded Coffee Cartridges $43.55

    Organic and Biodegradable Breakfast Blend Cups $24.98



    30. Teeccino French Roast Caffeine Free Herbal Coffee – For those of us who love coffee, but can’t tolerate the acidity or the caffeine – there is a delicious alternative! Teeccino has been generously donating tea samples for the Take Back Your Health Conferences and I love enjoying it with a bit of coconut cream and stevia in the mornings. It is rich and creamy just like a cup of joe. $12.68




    31. FATFACE Calming Body Butta – FATFACE is a company that makes completely non-toxic, luxurious skincare that really works! I tried their deodorant (Stank Stop!) not expecting much, but was very excited to find that it worked on my exceptionally stanky pits! I’m now excited to try their body butters and face creams. $27



    32. Acure Organics Lemongrass + Moroccan Argan Oil Firming Body Lotion – Acure is now my first choice of shampoo and conditioner – they also have wonderful body lotions and facial creams. $9.50



    33. Desert Essence Organic Coconut Hand and Body Lotion – Desert Essence is another company that is doing good for the communities where their product is harvested and manufactured. Their products are also gluten-free, organic and fragrance-free. I use their Jojoba oil as my eye makeup remover. $8.92


    bausc perfume

    34. Bausc – Health Food For Your Skin – Bausc skin care was created by a friend of mine who has exhibited her line at many Take Back Your Health Conferences. They make amazingly effective lotions, shampoos, conditioners and deodorants. I’m looking forward to trying their new line of perfumes – a difficult to find non-toxic product! $15 – $55



    35. Arbonne Kiss at Midnight Lip Conditioner – Arbonne is a company making cosmetics that are safer than conventional brands. With chemicals used in skincare being classified as carcinogens and immune irritants right and left, we need to look into our cosmetics and start switching to safer brands. Arbonne provides a great, healthy alternative to conventional makeup! $40



    Let’s start putting ideas into our heads that actually make us into better people…

    Here are a few books that I highly recommend from my personal collection. They are great reads for people who want to become better people, have success while following their life purpose and perform better in the day-to-day.

    the war of art

    36. The War of Art: Break Through the Blocks and Win Your Inner Creative Battles – I got this one as a gift last year for Christmas, funny enough. It is a good book for those of us who have a slightly alternative lifestyle, or slightly ambitious life goals! (And by slightly, I mean majorly – did you catch that?) $11.44


    daring greatly

    37. Daring Greatly: How the Courage to Be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent, and Lead – This is a book that will always have my heart. I am an extremely vulnerable person – meaning I love to express my vulnerable side to others – friends, family and strangers – because it helps us become better people for the positive growth of our local and global communities. But so often I am stung by the reactions I get from others as a result of my vulnerable expressions. This book addresses exactly why being vulnerable is just what we all need. I love it. $15.49


    fire starter sessions

    38. The Fire Starter Sessions: A Soulful + Practical Guide to Creating Success on Your Own Terms – Get your mind aligned with your heart and you can take over the world 🙂 $13.49


    the desire map

    39. The Desire Map: A Guide to Creating Goals with Soul – This one is on my night stand right now. I’m loving it. Beautiful design and beautiful words. $12.43


    These are a few books written by some personal friends and favorite bloggers. They all make beautiful gifts and show that healthy food can be beautiful, delicious and crave-worthy as well!

    slim palate

    40. The Slim Palate Paleo Cookbook – This is a beautifully photgraphed and authored book by Joshua Weissman. Joshua made a guest appearance at the latest Take Back Your Health Conference to help us launch the Food: Revolution documentary in which he made a guest appearance. He also signed books. I have been working through some of the incredible recipes this fall and can’t wait to make a few of the dishes for our upcoming Christmas dinner! $21.69


    heal your gut

    41. The Heal Your Gut Cookbook: Nutrient-Dense Recipes for Intestinal Health Using the GAPS Diet – Hilary has incredible stories of healing her own family through food. She’s published this book to share the recipes that brought her family back to health. She is currently raising money through her Indiegogo campaign for her TV cooking show, Live YUM YUM! $25.55


    against all grain

    42. Against All Grain: Meals Made Simple: Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, and Paleo Recipes to Make Anytime It looks like I’m recommending only grain-free cookbooks, but I can’t help it! These are such delicious, full-proof and healthful recipes. The photos are beautiful and make this cookbook perfect to give as a gift. $20.59



    revolution food

    43. Revolution: Food We screened this wonderful documentary movie in October at the Take Back Your Health Conference. It follows the story of several farmers around the world who are not only farming in a sustainable and healthful way, but they are improving the health of their soil and land as a result of their methods. Not only is it a positive, informative and inspiring film, but it is simply gorgeous cinematography! $12.99


    room movie

    44. Movie tickets to Room – One of the best movies I’ve ever seen. I’m not exaggerating. This movie made me forget about every single “problem” in my life. It made me want to spend the rest of my life homeless if only every human in captivity could have freedom. The movie sheds light on a phenomenon that not many people know anything about, and it addresses family relationship issues that are intriguing and enlightening. This movie made me want to be better and do better. $12+


    Magazine Subscriptions



    45. GOOD Magazine – GOOD Magazine is a beautifully published magazine reporting on cultural, environmental, political, health and travel stories. Their most recent issue focuses on sustainable fashion and I was lucky to be invited to their launch party. They hosted a clothing swap at the event and I snagged some really great pieces and unloaded a few pieces that I knew I would never wear again! Their reporters do a wonderful job of covering stories in a hopeful light, leaving you feeling smarter and happier. Send a subscription to someone who likes to be well-informed and keep a positive outlook on life. $40


    coco eco

    46. Coco Eco – I was just at the recent launch party for the issue pictured above and got to hear Pamela Anderson talk about her new book. It’s exciting to see such a powerful fusion of fashion, culture, mindfulness and health in one magazine. You’ll find interesting stories and information on how to live a stylish lifestyle while still supporting environmentally and socially responsible businesses and organizations. Buy an issue or subscribe with an insert you find in a copy of the magazine at Whole Foods.


    Gift Certificates

    47. Nutrition Consultation with Robin Shirley. If you know someone who has been wanting to upgrade their diet and needs the help of an expert, this is the right gift for them. I work exclusively with weight loss clients, Autoimmune patients, Chronic Lyme patients and patients with chronic inflammatory diseases. If you’d like to gift someone a nutrition consultation, email us at info [at] clubtbyh [dot] com and we’ll send you a beautiful gift card to give your loved one. $100

    48. Gift Cards – Everyone loves a gift card to – if you can’t decide what to get someone on your list, this will definitely make them happy.

    49. Health Food Store – Treat your loved one to a grocery shopping trip at their favorite health food store! Most stores have cards for purchase at the cash register.


    Parents and Children

    wood blocks

    50. 100 Piece Wooden Block Set – A low environmental impact toy that leaves a lot of room for imagination! $39.99


    desert essence sweetie pie baby lotion

    51. Desert Essence My Sweetie Pie Baby Lotion – Non-toxic skincare for the littlest ones in the family. $14.53

    52. Lunchskins Reusable Sandwich and Snack Bags – Let’s reduce lunchtime waste by swearing off plastic baggies! These cute reusable bags make that easy. $8.79+

    play dough

    53. Eco Kids Natural Modeling Dough – This is a classic toy for kids, yet the conventional version is so toxic with artificial dyes and preservatives. Here’s a healthier alternative – especially for kids that like to taste everything… $15.99



    This post contains affiliate links to support the upkeep costs of this website! No company has paid me to feature their products.

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    1. Deborah Hansen December 12, 2015 at 2:24 pm #

      I strongly believe in the concept of “voting with our dollars” so a big thank you for doing the research to create a list of wonderful companies to support!

      • Robin Shirley May 22, 2017 at 5:13 pm #

        Thanks Deborah! 🙂 We hope the list helped inspire some gift ideas for you!

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