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    How to Finally Get Rid Of Overwhelm and Stress

    Today I’m sharing my method for eliminating stress. If you feel any amount of overwhelm, read on…

    Almost every one of us is experiencing overwhelm from school or career responsibilities, relationships, family, work, etc. And overwhelm from all the things we think we should be doing, but don’t necessarily want to do.

    Stress causes physical, emotional and mental distress. Stress puts your body into “fight or flight” mode, which means your body and immune system are in a reactive state. This leads to more inflammation, impaired tissue healing and unbalanced hormone production.

    I deal with a lot of overwhelm, simply because I tend to put a lot of things on my plate. Over the years, I’ve started handling my life a little bit differently in order to prevent stress and overwhelm in the first place. Here are my tips for finally getting rid of stress and overwhelm…

    Step 1: Identify Your Sources of Stress and Overwhelm

    Before you can do anything about your stress, you have to know all the things that are causing it. Throughout the day, ask yourself: “What am I stressed/worried/overwhelmed about right now?” Start with making a list over the course of a week. The list may surprise you by growing longer than you expected.

    Some of your stressors might be:

    • Family responsibilities
    • Your health challenges
    • Work environment
    • Workload, too much to do and not enough time
    • You know you should be doing something, and not doing it is causing you stress
    • Damaging thoughts and beliefs about who you are and what you can become
    • Unhealthy habits
    • Traffic
    • Lack of sleep
    • Too many events on your calendar
    • Depressing friends
    • Dirty, cluttered house
    • Pile of books/magazines/articles to read
    • Etc…

    Step 2: Resolve or Eliminate Your Stressors

    In order to do something about these stressors, you do have to resolve or eliminate them. It’s the only way. It has to be up to you to decide which things to focus on first…

    1. Resolve:

    2. Eliminate: Go through them one by one and decide which items you can let go of – mentally, emotionally or physically. You want to let go of the things that are least important to you – since you can’t do everything! Which ones can you live without?

    This is important to do because ovewhelm prevents us from enjoying our life – while we are here in the middle of our lives – we are stressed over nonsense that probably doesn’t need to be worried about at all!

    I hope this helps you see a starting point for clearing up your schedule for the things that are actually important to you.


    Keep taking back your health,

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