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    An Ingredient For Happiness For People In Pain


    When I first started getting serious about reversing my autoimmune arthritis condition, my motivation to “Take Back My Health’ was so that I could be pain-free.

    I was young and naive, and I soon realized that even if I overcame the physical pain of autoimmune arthritis, I would still experience pain, just in other forms.

    The thing is, life is not pain-free.

    Life comes with financial pains, relationship pains, physical pains, career pains, stress, injustice, etc.

    Somewhere along the way, I understood that what I was truly seeking was more joyful experiences.

    I was craving more opportunities to indulge in life and experience joy.

    The chronic physical pain was making opportunities to experience joy less prevalent, because the pain was taking over my mind, emotions and body.

    The Most Important Question

    I began to think more about this one question:

    “What things/people/places/activities in life bring me joy?”

    What I found through my journey to health was that one thing kept me sane, happy and inspired throughout it all. It was my relationships with my family, my significant other, and my good friends.

    They gave me comfort, laughter, love, entertainment, assurance, reliability, and more.

    It’s interesting to see that others have found that good relationships make their lives better too…

    An Ingredient For Happiness

    The longest study ever done on happiness found that the one consistent factor in improving health and happiness in our lives is good relationships.

    One of the researchers in the study gave a TED Talk on the findings. You can listen to the whole talk here.

    Get Better Relationships

    Fix old relationships.

    Nurture current relationships.

    Work hard to create new relationships.

    People are the only possibility for consistent love and comfort in this life.

    Everything is going to be okay…only because we have so many people to give love to, and to receive love from.

    Questions For You:

    Are your relationships making you happier? Or are they making you stressed?

    What do you need to do to build a community of supportive people around you? (Hint: start by joining us at some Take Back Your Health events!)

    What do you need to do to heal (or to eliminate) certain relationships?


    Keep taking back your health,

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