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    How Meditation Helped Me Survive Chronic Pain

    Yes, meditation HAS helped me find relief from physical and emotional pain. Let me tell you how…

    For those of you who don’t know my story, I’ll explain briefly that I was in severe chronic pain throughout my teenage years and early 20’s, caused by autoimmune arthritis.

    In the beginning, I used meditation as a way to find short-term relief of chronic pain. I used guided meditations mostly, and Reiki, to help me into a meditative practice.

    An unexpected benefit has been that meditation  helped me heal emotionally and mentally, in the long-term, and get to where I am today with my career, my health and my relationships.

    What I Used Meditation For:

    Problem 1:
    Exhausted mentally, physically and emotionally by midday and unable to interact with the world.

    Meditation Solution: I lay down around 2pm each day and did a 45 minute guided meditation by Kelly Howell. Sometimes I would fall asleep halfway through, sometimes I wouldn’t. By the end of every session I felt refreshed, mentally and physically. I had energy to keep going the rest of the day and I hadn’t messed up my sleep that night by taking a long nap.

    Problem 2:
    Desperate for answers to the pain. Too many options. Which is right for my body? What do I do first? With all of the input from books, doctors and healers, I was having a hard time sticking with one protocol and seeing it through. I felt that my mind was a library and all the books had been pulled out, opened, some pages torn out, and nothing was put back in order.

    Meditation Solution: Meditation is like a housekeeper for your brain. It goes through and organizes all your thoughts, allowing you some ability to stand back and look at all the information from a distance.

    Meditation went a little bit further for me though. It opened my intuition a bit more so that I could feel which path was next for me. After meditation sessions, I felt certain whether I was on the right path, or needed to make tweaks.

    Problem 3:
    Mental and emotional chaos. Could not find peace within my life or my mental state.

    Meditation Solution: Meditating gives you peace. It helps eliminate all the emotional clutter, so you can see through to what is important, and real.

    I noticed a deeper healing taking place. I started to come to terms with my health challenges and I was able to see the bigger picture of my life – which minimized the challenges of the day.

    It is a difficult thing to explain, and everyone experiences meditation a little differently. I hesitate to try to describe it further with words because I don’t want to turn you off from it accidentally without you having a chance to try it.

    Meditation Next Steps:

    I always thought meditation meant sitting cross-legged with your eyes closed while trying to think about nothing. I had a hard time with this, as many of you probably would.

    You can use different activities to assist you with meditation. The main goal is just to be able to clear your mind and detach from the material world for a bit.

    Here are some ways to begin meditating:

    Repetitive cleaning tasks (dishes or sweeping)
    Guided meditation
    Playing an instrument
    and more…

    Beginner’s Warning

    I find that in the beginning, it is important to try guided meditation as it will help you reach a mental state that is helpful for progress, and to break bad thought patterns so they don’t take over during your meditation time.

    For example, you can’t just wash dishes and think about your horrible relationship the entire time, while expecting to make progress. You do need to have focus and a neutral mental state. That is achieved most easily with a guided meditation.

    I hope this helps!


    What has been your experience with meditation so far? Please leave a comment below and share with us!


    Keep taking back your health,


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