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    Healing In The Desert With Clean Eating And Sunshine



    We’re back from the second Take Back Your Health Retreat this year!

    Escaping from your everyday life for a few days without expectation, but with the intention to grow…we don’t do that very often anymore, do we?

    One thing that happened again this time was that people experienced breakthroughs that they weren’t expecting…

    Thank you for the vacation. I was hoping it would be a part of what will motivate Helen into the next part of her life, but it it turns out to be altering my learning curve as well.” S.R.

    One of my favorite things is to hear how people feel at the end and I was so glad to hear feedback about feeling less bloated and less brain fog! After only 4 days, those are good results.


    three girls


    Retreat Highlights:

    It was the perfect place to detoxify, indulge in clean eating and relax. Palm Springs is extremely hot in the summer, which provided some natural sweating and detoxification.

    We also soaked up plenty of sunshine and swam everyday in the saltwater pool.

    We took turns preparing healthy meals and indulged in organic, nutrient-dense foods. Everything was free from these common allergens: soy, gluten, corn, dairy and eggs.

    One of our retreat-goers brought handmade cotton paper from her days owning a paper store in downtown Pasadena. She guided us through making our own notebooks.

    We indulged in unbaked brownies and my “famous” Mint Chocolate Chip Shake along with some creative dishes including chicken livers and seaweed!

    I led everyone through a writing exercise to get them focused on the areas of their health that need more attention. We talked each other through some action steps to make sure we follow-through with these goals at home, too!

    We also made it to the (indoor) farmer’s market in Palm Springs and got ourselves some guacamole and salsa dips and organic wine.








    Thank You:

    We are so grateful to SaunaSpace for providing a low EMF, American hand-made, near-infrared sauna for our use at the Take Back Your Health Retreats! Sweating through near-infrared light heat is the safest and easiest way to get heavy metals and other toxins moving out of the body, as well as stimulate tissue healing.

    Thank you to Suja Juice for sending green juices to keep us hydrated and mineralized.

    And we are so happy to be using Organic India‘s Tulsi Tea (otherwise known as holy basil). We served up iced lemon ginger and peppermint tea all weekend to stay hydrated and grounded!

    I hope to see you soon at a Take Back Your Health Retreat or Conference!


    Keep taking back your health,






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