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    Do You Feel Like Every Food and Thing Is Bad For You?



    A lot of us focus on everything that’s bad for us – everything in our environment and our food that’s harming us and making us sicker.

    While it’s important for us to know about those things, it’s equally important to be able to focus on the solutions and live joyfully instead of fearfully.

    Take Back Your Health™ is a place where I strive to show you solutions, instead of making you more fearful of what’s out there.

    It is true that there are many things that are damaging to our basic biological functions. These things include artificial fragrances in home cleaners, air fresheners and candles, chemicals in skincare, pesticides and herbicides in conventional produce, food allergens, etc…

    But I’ve seen too many people get frustrated and overwhelmed as they realize how much of this stuff is everywhere around us, and difficult to avoid.

    I don’t want your life to feel smaller or less fun. I have been there and somehow managed to cope with it! Here are a few thoughts that may help you if you feel like everything is bad for you…

    A Different Perspective…

    1. Remember, you body is designed to detoxify poisons. While it is not designed to detoxify all poisons, or the amount that we currently throwing at it, you can relax a bit knowing that your body is able to take care of some of them and that you can leverage this ability through diet and lifestyle.
    2. When I discover something new that I should avoid, I look for a replacement, so that it can be an easier transition. There is usually always a healthy alternative. Example, you can replace toxic “yankee” candles for essential oil beeswax candles, or swap conventional foods for organic foods.
    3. You can eat nutritious foods to assist our body with detoxification. Your body needs plenty of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and water to detoxify, so make sure you’re eating a nutrient-dense diet. I usually aim for a superfood smoothie everyday – which acts as my multivitamin, gives me a ton of antioxidants, and is extremely hydrating too!
    4. Even if you do everything you can to avoid toxins, you’re still going to come into contact with them. You unfortunately can’t control what others do. So, do the best you can, and live your life!

    And lastly, fear-based marketing is prevalent in the natural health industry, too. Be sure that you ask yourself if your fear of something “bad for you” was triggered by a recent advertisement or article that you recently you read. You might be more worried about a particular thing because a company wants you to buy a product. Learn more about fear-based marketing here.

    I hope that’s helpful! Just remember that you are pursuing better health so that you can be happier and enjoy your life. Don’t get too bogged down with the details. Do your best, and then go live your life!

    Keep taking back your health,
    Robin Shirley

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