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    5 Back To School Tips For Chronically Ill Students

    Back to school is difficult for any student! If you’re dealing with chronic illness it can be much more complicated. Here are some tips I picked up from my years in school…

    1. Research Any Services For Students With Disabilities

    This may seem obvious, but a lot of people with “invisible diseases” might not realize that they qualify for disability services. A lot of schools offer services for students with disabilities – in fact most universities have a whole department! Make sure to ask the office about this or look it up on the website before school starts.

    2. Get A Signed Letter From Your Doctor

    This letter is like your “golden ticket” with teachers and administrators. You want it to include a clear explanation of your diagnosis and symptoms. You also want it to explain how these symptoms affect your performance at school. Keep it clear and concise, but enough details to make sure you will be taken care of at school. List format can be helpful in parts of this letter. Often times doctors who are very busy will want you to write up a draft of this and let them approve and sign it to save them time.

    3. Communicate With Teachers And Administrators

    In the first week of a new school year, I would always ask each of my teachers for a quick meeting after school. I let them know what was going on with my health and how it might compromise my ability to participate in their class. I always brought the letter from my doctor. Keep the meetings short and sweet and remember that they are human beings too, and they will understand. Just make sure to convey the unpredictability of your symptoms and that your intention is to stay on top of your school work.

    4. Communicate With Your Peers and Friends

    Chronic illness is no longer rare. Most people either deal with their own chronic symptoms, or they know someone who does. Being honest about what’s going on with you opens the doors to communication. And communication opens the way to friendship.

    5. Choose Extracurriculars That You Love!

    You’re probably in a significant amount of pain. Life is too short to choose to spend time doing anything that you don’t enjoy. If you have any extra energy or free time, please spend it on activities that you are passionate about – things that give you energy instead of draining you.

    I hope that’s helpful! And please share this with other students who might find it helpful.

    Do you have any other tips to share about going back to school with chronic illness? Share them below in the comments!

    Keep taking back your health,

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