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    Demystifying The Midwife AND How To Have A Healthy Pregnancy And Child

    Disclaimer: Please excuse the audio glitches in this video as we work on improving our recording technology. If you can tolerate the occasional glitch, and want to hear the information, please proceed and enjoy the interview!

    About Peggy Franklin, CPM

    Peggy Franklin will be speaking at the upcoming Take Back Your Health Conference.

    Peggy is a Certified Professional Midwife (CPA). Peggy founded the Northern Virginia Natural Birth and Wellness Center and has overseen almost 2000 births.

    I’m really happy to be interviewing her and starting to share more resources for parents and parents-to-be on this blog. Pre-pregnancy and during pregnancy are important times for preventing disease in your children. Watch the interview above to learn more…


    Notes From The Interview

    Midwifery is a good option for low-risk pregnancies.

    What’s the Day-to-Day Like for a Midwife?
    Lots of check ups with pregnant women. Checking on how their diet is, supplements, sleep.


    Let’s Just Start With…What About The Pain?

    • How can you make it without pain medication?
    • Your body produces natural endorphins as labor progresses.
    • Fear-tension-pain cycle. Fear makes your body tense. Tension creates more pain. Tension can make labor slower and harder.
    • Confidence and ability to relax can make a big difference.

    Is there a drug that they use in the hospital that lowers the natural endorphins?

    • The baby monitor and inability to move lower natural endorphins
    • Pitocin and induced labor reduce natural endorphins
    • Epidural will stop the natural production of endorphins

    What is the downside to using an epidural?

    • Women don’t get a thorough informed consent on the epidural
    • Epidural will lower the mother’s blood pressure, reducing the amount of blood going through the placenta to the baby
    • Labor slows, which creates need for pitocin, which makes contractions longer and harder, which further reduces the blood and oxygen flow to the fetus.
    • Cesarean section often follow when the baby appears stressed from lack of oxygen and blood flow.


    Every Pregnancy and Birth is Different

    It’s important to understand that every woman and every pregnancy is individual and will follow a different course. No mother should ever feel pressure to do birth one way or the other. it should always be about what makes her most comfortable.

    It’s important to learn as much as you can ahead of time, because then you don’t have to make rushed decisions out of fear during labor.

    Ensure The Healthiest Baby Possible:

    • Abstain from drugs or alcohol
    • Diet: lots of fruits and vegetables
    • Protein & Vitamin C for tissue building
    • Water for a healthy / fat umbilical cord
    • Exercise
    • Eat organic as much as you can
    • Probiotic foods (sauerkraut, kefir, cultured foods, supplements)

    Before Pregnancy

    • Detoxification / Fast before getting pregnant
    • Eats lots of green vegetables

    Group A Strep
    Eat many probiotic-rich foods (like kefir, yogurt, sauerkraut, kombucha, etc). Take lots of probiotics in supplement form.

    Nutrients To Include

    Folate vs Folic Acid
    Many people do not have the ability to turn folic acid into folate, so folic acid does nothing for those people. Always look for methylfolate instead of folic acid in your supplements.

    Vitamin K2
    Found in butter, dairy, eggs and greens. K2 is what tells calcium where to go. If you don’t have enough, calcium is going to end up in your placenta. This can lead to a “crunchy” placenta and compromised blood flow.

    Omega 3’s
    From whole foods is best. Cod Liver Oil is a good source, also contains Vitamin A and D.

    Vitamin D
    The sun is our best source. Try to get sun on a regular basis without sunscreen. 15-20 minutes a day is really helpful.

    Vitamin C, Water and Protein
    These are the building blocks for new tissue.

    Vegans and Vegetarians
    It is possible to have a healthy pregnancy, but it’s helpful and easier to incorporate a little meat and dairy – it doesn’t have to be a lot.

    Other Healthy Pregnancy Habits

    • Fresh air, exercise, sleep make a big difference.
    • Reduce Your Stress
    • Support and encouragement from friends and family.

    Tell me about the emotions that women can expect, and what they can do to calm those emotions?

    • Your body is making a lot of changes, and hormones come with that.
    • Recognize when you feel over-the-top with any of your emotions. It might have something to do with what’s going on physically.
    • Try to react in a way that isn’t going to harm a relationship.
    • Our self-esteem is fragile. Continue to reassure yourself that you are beautiful, loving, kind, valued, precious.

    Midwives are there for you to explain how you’re feeling. You can cry at your visit. Sometimes you can’t tell somebody really close to you how you’re feeling without them misunderstanding.

    After the Birth

    Golden hour – you’re falling in love again with that baby.

    Second week – everything kind of takes a dip – everything feels hard and you can get really depressed. It’s important to have good support during this time.

    Have lots of conversations with your support team

    The Bradley Method

    Coaching for during the pregnancy. It will teach you both and give the partner insight into what labor is going to be like and what he can do to help her.

    Exercise During Pregnancy

    If you are already very athletic, you can generally continue with your routines with doctor approval.

    But if you are not extremely athletic, simple walking and exercises around the home are good.

    The goal is to improve your oxygenation. Gentle cardio and walking can do that. And to keep your muscles toned – which you can do with hand weights.


    Do you have any questions for Peggy? Feel free to leave them in the comment section below.


    Keep taking back your health,

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