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    How Does #TBYHDC Speaker Andrea Beaman Sustain Her Energy, Health and Happiness?



    What are some of your personal favorite healthy foods?

    That depends on the season. My personal favorite healthy foods change all year round.

    For example, in the summertime watermelon is my all time favorite food. I could eat it almost everyday, especially when it’s hot and humid and sticky as heck.

    In the fall, I love squashes; Creamy butternut squash soup with crispy sage is creamy, warming and comforting.

    During the icy cold winter months, I love rich and hearty bone stocks in any of the my soups and stews. Actually, come to think of it, duck stock as the base in my Mushroom soup makes savory and delectable.

    Come springtime, I like to lighten it up. I’ll usually do some type of 3-5 day fast and then have light veggie soups and Marinated Cabbage and Dandelion leaf salads.


    What has been one of your biggest struggles around food/diet and how did you overcome it?

    I used to be an emotional eater. My go-to-food when I was stressed out was usually chocolate covered almonds. But, the truth is… chocolate (including dark chocolate) gives me a stomachache. So I never actually felt better after eating it. I just felt kind of still stressed out, but now that my tummy was aching I had something else to focus on.

    Now, when I’m stressed out, I take a walk, meditate, breathe, and try to find clarity around whatever the issue is, rather than push it away or cover it up with a substance.


    To what healthy foods or habits do you attribute your infectious energy?

    I can only attribute that high energy to about 25% of my physical diet. The remaining 75% comes from physical exercise, energetic exercises (meridian stretching, Qi Gong), good relationships, meditation, and connection to self (little self and big Self), plus a positive outlook.


    What’s your movement/exercise routine like?

    I get up every morning and do some type of stretching (meridian stretches, Qi gong, Yoga), to wake my energetic system up. Around midday, I take a long walk in Central Park. One time per week I go for a hike in the mountains (3-4 hours) or a short easy run (about 30-40 minutes).


    Did you ever struggle with finding happiness? How did/do you overcome this?

    Yes, of course! When I was a teenager and young adult in my 20’s, I struggled with depression. I used a LOT of drugs and alcohol during that time. But, it didn’t help.

    My depression was due to feeling lost in the world. Not knowing who I was and what I was doing with my life.

    What I’ve found is that meditation helps, as well as clean air, sunshine and exercise. Also, being out in nature always seems to help me find peace and clarity. The birds aren’t depressed. The squirrels aren’t depressed. They are doing the things they are supposed to be doing, so there is no time for wallowing, and no time for depression.

    I think depression is a human trait, and it comes when we have lost sight of who we are and what we are doing in the world. Find something inside that is calling to you, and do that thing; read an inspirational book, paint, draw, sing, dance, stretch, run, walk, sit…


    Where do you go / what do you do to recharge and be inspired?

    OUTSIDE!! I never feel recharged or inspired after sitting in front of the computer all day. Recharging happens when I connect to the cycles and the seasons, nature and the earth.


    What will you be teaching us at the Take Back Your Health Conference?

    will be sharing at TBYH this year about the power of culinary herbs and how they can enhance digestion and vitality. As well as make your food taste absolutely delicious! Be there or be square!


    Andrea will be speaking at the upcoming Take Back Your Health Conference! Join us…Learn more here:


    Keep taking back your health!


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