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    #TBYHDC Speaker Chef Frank Giglio Gives Kitchen Tips For Busy Parents



    What’s your biggest personal struggle with your food/diet/eating habits?

    It comes with the territory, but cooks tend to taste food often as they are preparing meals. Because of this, I tend to snack more and skip meals. I know from experience that I do much better having 2-3 meals a day, so it’s a constant struggle for me to make sure I get a solid meal in to start the day and throughout the rest of the day.

    I also have a hard time drinking enough water and find myself dehydrated often in the summer months. I love harvesting fresh spring water but dislike drinking room temperature water, so I have a tendency to not drink as much as my body needs throughout the day.




    Do you have any advice for someone just starting to eat healthier – someone who might be feeling confused or overwhelmed about the changes?

    More than anything, don’t push yourself too fast to reach a goal. Like myself, a lot of people did not grow up eating well. We weren’t taught proper nutrition in school and most options in local grocery stores are less than excellent. So it takes time to educate yourself to make better decisions regarding the food you eat.

    The best is to stay relaxed and not get too fixated on the fine details, but rather enjoy the process of developing a better relationship with yourself and the food you eat.


    What will you be teaching at the upcoming Take Back Your Health Conference?

    My goal is to inspire attendees to eat a seasonal diet based on the ingredients found in their local ecosystem. I will also share traditional culinary practices that will help maximize the nutrition in the food you consume and create a deeper connection to your environment.




    What are your 3 best tips for busy parents/professionals who want to eat healthy foods?

    1. Cook from scratch. Although this seems like it may take more time out of your day, healthy eating starts at home in your own kitchen where you have the ability to know exactly what is going into the food you eat.

    2. Keep quality snacks on hand and lean towards higher fat and protein options. This will keep you satiated longer and help fight the urge to lean towards sugary fruits.

    3. Cook in bulk. This will help make meal prep easier on you. Make large batches of stock, soups, and stews and freeze them in manageable portions. This will help you out when you are strapped for time, but still want to have good quality food.


    If you could only live with 6 kitchen tools/items/supplies, what would they be?

    There are so many items that I would say are essential, but the following items are a few must-haves for me:

    Bloodroot Blades nakiri knife
    Boos Blocks cutting board
    Kuhn vegetable peeler
    Vita Mix blender
    Griswold cast iron pans
    Fine mesh strainer


    frank giglio speaks at take back your health conference


    What are you making these days in the kitchen?

    With summer drawing to a close, I have been busy processing lots of fruits and vegetables for use this winter. Canning tomatoes, making hot sauce, and drying herbs for seasoning salts are just a few culinary chores I’ve got going on.

    I’ve been eating a lot of fresh fish thanks to a recent charter boat trip with some friends. I grew up on the water so fish has always been my favorite protein. I love cooking fish over open flames, sometimes even on a freshly cut cedar plank.

    Autumn is just moments away and that’s making me crave broth soups, root vegetables, and winter squashes, which all become staples here during the colder months of the year in Maine. The cooler weather slows down my cravings for salads and calls in the warming, hearty meals.

    What’s your next book idea?

    I am always scheming up new book ideas and while I have many single subject ideas that come to mind, I am most interested in creating a cookbook based on the foods found here in Maine. A combination of wild and cultivated foods that are seasonally prepared with ancestral knowledge as the backbone.


    Frank will be speaking at the upcoming Take Back Your Health Conference. We hope to see you there!

    Photos are from the Three Lily Farm facebook page. Learn more about Frank on the Three Lily Farm website.


    Keep taking back your health!





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