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    TBYH Success Story: Single Father With Lyme Disease Recovers His Health


    Patrick Hoffman, a client of mine since 2015, has been recovering from Lyme disease while working fulltime and raising two boys. He’s gone through some challenges along the way, but he committed to nutrition changes and saw the difference it made. Patrick owns an energy consulting business and helps people switch to alternative energy in the residential and commercial sectors.

    I hope his story inspires you…

    Would you mind telling us about your health challenges? 

    I have suffered from major fatigue, brain fog, memory loss, joint pain, digestive issues, candida and peripheral neuropathy. I couldn’t work for over a year. The diagnosis was Lyme disease. Fatigue, brain fog and memory loss were the worst for me and that’s what made it impossible for me to work.

    What are a few of the major lifestyle changes that you’ve made?

    I stopped drinking alcohol and started eating all organic. I eat more fruits and vegetables. I also make sure to get 8-10 hours sleep every night. It makes a big difference. Once I started getting my energy back, I began exercising 4-5 days a week.

    What are some of your favorite healthy foods?

    Kale. I never even knew it existed before. Also – avocados, spinach, all fruits, coconut, goji berries, almond milk.

    How has your health improved since you started implementing some of the things you’ve learned through Robin and Take Back Your Health™?

    I have gained more energy, more focus, mental fortitude, hope, better sleep, improved mood and less depression. I also got my black belt in Taekwondo!




    What’s the most interesting thing you’ve learned about healthy living along your journey that surprised you?

    I learned just how powerful food is and how it really can be medicine for the body. I understand how bad processed and non-organic food is, and how your diet affects your immune system, which fights this disease.


    What’s your recommendation to someone who is just starting out on their journey to Take Back Their Health?

    My recommendation is what I did; and that is to educate yourself on food and nutrition. Find out what are the best foods you can be eating for your condition and blood type, and which will keep your immune system performing at its peak.


    Learn more about the nutrition protocol Robin has created for Chronic Lyme Disease patients here:

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