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    #TBYHDC Speaker Debi Silber Explains Why We Sabotage Ourselves


    This week I interviewed Debi Silber on her life, her health challenges and how she became an inspiring example of how we can all move in the direction of health and happiness once we start making little changes…


    If you don’t mind diving right in, can you share a health struggle you’ve experienced over the years?

    A health struggle? I’ve had so many! Imagine a health expert who was anything but healthy. I had chronic fatigue syndrome, the Epstein Barr virus, bursitis, tendonitis, such severe arthritis in my feet I could barely walk.

    I had 2 herniated discs and degenerative disk disease in my back and I almost had to stop driving because I couldn’t turn my head to change lanes or get on or off of highways.

    I was gaining weight, losing my hair, had skin issues, hormonal problems, was becoming severely depressed, anxious, overwhelmed and was unbearably tired all the time.

    During my talk, you’ll hear what most probably led to all of those issues and what I did to heal them.


    What are a couple of lifestyle changes have made the biggest difference for your health?

    I was already eating well and exercising until I couldn’t get out of bed anymore. That’s when I realized my issues had nothing to do with eating and exercise and had everything to do with chronic stress, burnout, toxic relationships and emotional overwhelm. Those were the areas I targeted and that’s when I started to heal.


    What will you be sharing about at the upcoming Take Back Your Health Conference?

    So often we’re doing well in areas like health, relationships or business and for some reason, we sabotage ourselves. Why would we prevent success in some of the areas we want most? What’s behind all of that? Based on my TEDx talk about sabotage, I’ll be sharing some of the reasons why…and what to do about it.


    What is your advice to someone who is recently diagnosed, or just beginning their journey?

    Sometimes a life crisis, whether it’s a health issue, death, divorce, devastation, etc. has us hit rock bottom. We’re broken, absolutely at our lowest point.

    It’s that crisis that can be the greatest catalyst for us, forcing us to look at and change what wasn’t working. It can be something that enables us to become our physical, mental and emotional best.

    I’d suggest looking at the areas of health and wellness that have given you the biggest struggle and decide to slowly move the needle in an area that brings about greater health and healing, one step at a time.


    What’s your favorite “healthy” food?

    That’s easy, my own line of private label nutrition bars and shakes! I created them because there’s nothing easier than just opening a package and knowing you’re about to take in whole, real, nutrient dense ingredients that’s delicious, portable and simple!


    What are three simple habits you do everyday for your health that you couldn’t live without?

    Eat well, exercise, meditate.


    How do you keep your emotional health strong when life challenges you?

    When we’re emotionally overwhelmed we may pull back and hide. That’s when we need support the most. Not necessarily to complain, but to give us a different perspective or outlook we may not have seen if we’re too busy marinating in our own negativity. I do the best I can and try to remember to connect with others.



    We’re so excited to meet Debi in person at the upcoming Take Back Your Health Conference. Join us! Learn more here:


    Keep taking back your health,


    Photo credit: Debi Silber

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