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    Healing From Emotional Trauma with #TBYHDC Speaker Sharon Rainey


    How did you originally connect with Robin and the Take Back Your Health Conference™?

    Robin was introduced to me when she was still in high school and just starting this journey. She had made the connection to healing from Rheumatoid Arthritis and food, and she wanted to share her experience, strength and hope with me.

    She led me to healthy eating. She also showed me great compassion. I was in the roller coaster part of the healing, a lot of ups and downs. One afternoon, Robin brought me an entire meal she made herself. And it was amazing. It was such an act of love to me. Not only did the food help me heal, but her love and compassion were strong healing agents as well.


    What will you be sharing about at the upcoming Take Back Your Health Conference™?

    I will be sharing about the importance of healing the emotional and spiritual wounds that we hold from traumas in our life.

    Our doctors can only do so much, and they focus on the physical part of healing. A great doctor will help with the other aspects, but it is usually only the patient who knows the triggers, the traumas, and the willingness to find possible resolutions.


    If you don’t mind diving right in, can you share a couple of your main symptoms / struggles over the years?

    I was sick for 30+ years. If there is a symptom, I had it. It wreaked havoc throughout my entire body including stomach ulcers, a tooth killing itself, lower back pain, migraines, lipomas, joint stiffness and pain. I felt like a stone statue, or the Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz. It also included bizarre things like itchy ears and vivid nightmares.


    Is there one thing that you’ve learned from Robin or Take Back Your Health™ events that has really stuck with you?

    Eating is key to healing. An anti-inflammatory diet is mandatory for healing.



    What are a couple of lifestyle tweaks/habits have made the biggest difference for your health?

    Eating organic food is essential – I had arsenic poisoning when I was first diagnosed. It was from eating commercial chicken. (

    When I changed to eating organic food, my arsenic levels plummeted to zero. I was NOT a believer in eating organic until I saw this change in my heavy metal testing.

    REST is probably the second most important element of my healing. I had run myself ragged. Now, I limit my daily activity, making sure I get some rest every single day. By rest, I mean, getting my head level with my heart for at least 30 minutes each day.

    Lastly, I would say asking myself two questions for every activity I participate in: “Will this help me heal?” and “Will this bring me joy?” – Obviously, this can’t apply to doing laundry, but I was amazed and relieved by the relief I felt when I could say NO to invitations in which I realized those activities would not help me heal, nor would they bring me joy. It’s an easy way to find the right priorities in my life.


    If you could give a little advice to someone who is recently diagnosed, or just beginning their journey to take back their health, what would it be?

    DON’T GIVE UP. The journey to an accurate diagnosis and treatment may have taken awhile, but no matter how long you have been sick, you have the ability to heal and to reclaim your health and life!

    It’s an incremental process, and sometimes overwhelming, so do what you can, when you can. Eventually, it will come together for you and you will find what works. Stay open to all possible healing modes.


    What’s your favorite “healthy” food?

    My latest favorite has been watermelon smoothies with a lime and some kale. It’s a great pick me up for that afternoon slump.



    What is your “philosophy” on healing?

    My answer is VERY different than it was seven years ago when I was initially diagnosed. And I think that’s why I finally started healing. It’s a multi-level, multi-stage process that takes time, willingness, openness, and a myriad of methods.

    I also found that healing comes in many forms, including complementary therapies, lifestyle changes, the people in my life, the boundaries I set. It’s not just a matter of taking a pill.

    Yes, I found an incredible physician who finally got my body healing at a physical level. But he also introduced me to emotional and spiritual questions that led me to healing at a cellular level. I know it sounds mysterious and a little weird, but when I started addressing those emotional and spiritual traumas and myths, I started healing from the core of my soul. And that has made all the difference.


    Thank you for your openness and for sharing so much with us, Sharon!


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    Photos courtesy of Sharon Rainey


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