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    Gift Ideas To Make The World Healthier

    Here are my holiday gift ideas that have the power to change the health of the gift receiver, and the environment! These products are all made in sustainable ways and are intended to promote the health of the user. I can’t think of a better strategy for holiday gift shopping this year.

    beautycounter-sugar-body-scrub-healthy-holiday-gift-idea-from-take-back-your-healthOrganic Bath and Body Products

    Beautycounter Lemongrass Sugar Body Scrub is a fun gift that all women will love. I like this one because it’s free from the toxic fragrances and chemicals commonly found in scented body products. Beautycounter tests each batch for heavy metals and toxic residues, and they are also committed to using sustainable packaging. So many good things about this company!




    Certified Organic Superfood Coffee

    I no longer drink conventional coffee because of the high neurotoxic and immunotoxic pesticides and the notorious levels of mold toxins, which suppress immunity. If I do drink coffee, it’s got to be certified organic. Javazen Coffee Pumpkin Spice Blend is a healthy alternative to the toxic Starbucks and Peet’s coffee blends. Javazen is committed to pesticide-free coffee beans. Even more exciting, they infuse their blends with superfoods like holy basil, cinnamon, ginger and goji berries. Their pumpkin spice blend is made with organic ground coffee with tulsi tea, turmeric, cinnamon, ginger, cloves and cardamom.




    For those who don’t like so much caffeine, you can try Javazen’s Coffee Decaf Relax Blend infused with rooibos tea and goji berries. It’s very mild coffee flavor is low acid.




    Healing Herbal Tea

    Organic India is helping farmers in India convert their land to certified organic, which is a mission that I am behind 100%. I’ve learned about their organic education programs from their CEO, Kyle Garner, and hearing about the success they’re having with improving the lives and the environment for their employees makes my heart swell. Try their Holy Basil Tea, which is a powerful adrenal support. Holy basil (Tulsi) is an adaptogenic herb that helps to balance hormones and energy levels. It’s a great alternative to caffeine if you need to avoid that.



    Thrive with Turmeric!

    Turmeric is trending right now in the natural health world, and anyone you know who’s “into this stuff” would be thrilled to get this blend of Organic India Turmeric Formula. It’s anti-inflammatory and full of antioxidants and pain-relieving phytonutrients.




    Non-Toxic Mascara That Works Better Than The Toxic Stuff!

    I don’t get excited about makeup very often, but this mascara had me gushing to my mother. It really does “curl and extend.” I feel so silly typing those words, but there it is. Arbonne It’s A Long Story Mascara is the one I use everyday now.



    Healing Light and Heat Therapy

    The current sauna that I’m using at home is the Saunaspace Near-Infrared Sauna Cabana. I love this company because it’s 100% made in the U.S.A. with renewable resources. It uses tungsten lamps that incandesce a natural thermal light spectrum of red, near infrared and thermal infrared light wavelengths.

    Raising core body temperature for several minutes while remaining passive activates many full-body detoxification systems. The benefits from this kind of light and heat therapy include: Passive detoxification, Repair damaged, mal-formed proteins, Increased blood circulation & tissue oxygenation, Tissue Growth including Human Growth Hormone production, and so much more.

    I encourage you to reach out to the company and ask Brian Richards, the founder and designer, any questions you might have!




    Superfood Sprouted Cereal

    We all get frustrated when we learn that cereal and granola aren’t the healthiest of foods. I know I was definitely sad! But, there is a solution… More and more brands are offering sprouted grain options. Stephanie Stierhoff took it a step further than sprouting and created a line of superfood sprouted cereals called Nut-Nola or Seed-Nola. We used these on our recent Take Back Your Health™ Retreat. No fillers of any kind only organic, sprouted and activated, low-temperature dried nuts and seeds. It really is “crazy delicious” and full of bioavailable vitamins and minerals.


    Locally Grown Honey

    Backyard Eden Honey is produced in Great Falls, Virginia by one of my good friends, Sharon Rainey and her husband Jeff. They are supporting the bee population in their own backyard eden, hence the name! If you know someone who loves honey, consider this as a gift to help support the bees!


    Books From Our 2016 TBYH Conference Speakers:

    I am a book lover, and perhaps you know one too. If they’re in to health and natural healing too, this is the perfect reading list – full of new york times bestsellers and undiscovered gems. Take a look…

    The Paleo Solution by Robb Wolf (TBYHDC 2016 Speaker)

    The Food Babe Way by Vani Hari (TBYHDC 2016 Speaker)

    Eating Clean: The 21-Day Plan to Detox, Fight Inflammation, and Reset Your Body by Amie Valpone (TBYHDC 2016 Speaker)

    The Best Part of My Day: A Healing Journal for Chronically Ill Patients by Sharon Rainey (TBYHD 2016 Speaker)

    Lyme Savvy: Treatment Insights for Lyme Patients and Practitioners by Sharon Rainey (TBYHDC 2016 Speaker)

    Happy Healthy Thyroid: The Essential Steps For Healing Naturally by Andrea Beaman (TBYHDC 2016 Speaker)

    Planet, Heal Thyself by Jordan Rubin (TBYHLA 2016 Speaker)


    Andrea Beaman Speaks on Thyroid and Adrenal Health at the Take Back Your Health Conference

    Take Back Your Health Video Archives

    Club TBYH Membership gives you access to 5 years of Take Back Your Health Conference recordings, my Take Back Your Health™ Meal Plans, and discounts from our sponsors. Monthly membership is $14.99 and available right here.


    Take Back Your Health™ Jewelry

    My dear friend Christine is quite a talented jewelry designer here in Los Angeles. She is retired after a long career but did offer to help me create a Take Back Your Health™ charm necklace! This is a symbol for those who want to carry the Take Back Your Health™ message with them everyday. The charm is a six-sided golden hexagon that represents the 6 Steps to Take Back Your Health (EAT Nutritious Foods, MOVE Your Body, DETOXIFY Your Environment, LOVE Yourself and Others, HEAL with Herbs and Supplements, and INDULGE in Your Life).



    Reiki Healing Session or Yoga Classes

    If you’re in Los Angeles, we love the community vibe at Soul Shack Yoga in North Hollywood, but there are plenty of studios in almost every city for you to choose from! The Soul Shack is a small, friendly, community based yoga, meditation & wellness studio located in North Hollywood, CA, where they focus on small semi-private classes and private sessions, complimented by many alternative healing services.




    Organic Tallow Balm

    This is my current favorite body moisturizer. It’s only two ingredients and works very well for my dry skin in the winter. It’s also great for dryness that comes from washing dishes!). Vintage Tradition Almost Unscented Tallow Balm works for your face, lips, hands, feet, and body and many skin conditions, including calloused, cracked, and sun-damaged skin, rashes, burning, itching, wrinkles, and more!




    The Best Spring Water Delivery

    Know someone who is still drinking unfiltered tap water? Mountain Valley Spring Water is some of the yummiest water out there. They are available for delivery in most major cities. Here is the delivery info specific to Los Angeles and the Mid Atlantic U.S.




    Organic Skincare and Kitchen Condiments from Three Lily Farm

    Three Lily Farm Skincare and Kitchen Condiments are beautiful and delicious creations that you really can feel good about. Camille and Frank recently spoke at Take back Your Health™ DC. They make magical products from plants grown on their own farm in Maine. Camille is all about growing and nurturing herbs, and crafting new herbal items using plants that grow on their land. Frank loves infusing herbs and medicine into the food he crafts, and he does this using mostly herbs and wild plants grown on their land or close by, and vinegars from a local organic apple orchard.


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