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    8 Daily Habits That Detoxify Your Body

    With the plethora of poisons in our environment (in our tap water, food, air, clothing, skincare, etc.), it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and fearful of what it’s all doing to your body, and rightfully so. 

    But it’s easy to detoxify and protect your personal self, and also make change happen on a global scale!

    We have gotten ourselves to where we are because of our consumer habits. So we must begin to buy non-toxic and organic products exclusively. 

    But, the poisons that we have already unleashed aren’t going anywhere, anytime soon.

    So what can you do on a regular basis to detoxify your body?

    The daily habits I explain in the video above will help your body reduce its toxic load a great deal. So many of you want to buy expensive tools and overthink this. I promise you, these easy and obvious steps are extremely important and won’t “break the bank.”

    Take a look at the video above for the full explanation of 8 daily habits that I suggest starting with.

    The video will give a full description of each habit, how it detoxifies your body, and how to implement it!

    8 Daily Habits That Detoxify Your Body

    1. Drink Herbal Tea

    2. Sweat for Passive Detoxification

    3. Drink Clean Water

    4. Eat Organic Foods

    5. Eat Fruits and Vegetables

    6. Go #2 Everyday

    7. Get Enough Sleep

    8. Intermittent Fasting

    I hope this list is helpful. Do you have questions about any of the steps? Leave a comment below and we’ll see if we can give you more support!

    Keep taking back your health,

    2 Responses to 8 Daily Habits That Detoxify Your Body

    1. Rebecca March 3, 2017 at 12:31 am #

      These are some awesome tips thanks for posting them.

      • Robin Shirley June 3, 2017 at 6:41 am #

        You’re welcome Rebecca!

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