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    Resources for Reversing Rheumatoid Arthritis Symptoms

    I’m especially excited to present these resources to you because my original diagnosis at age 11 was Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis. You can read my story here.

    Medication was not working for me, so I turned towards therapies and protocols that were aimed at reversing and curing the disease, instead of just managing the symptoms. After 15 years of being mislead by well-meaning rheumatologists and natural practitioners alike, I found the most effective diets and therapies on my own. That is my inspiration for sharing these resources with you today, and also for everything I do with Take Back Your Health™.

    Nutrition, detoxification, rest, emotional healing, and addressing infection are the most effective tools for reversing Rheumatoid Arthritis. Keep reading below…

    I will continue to update this page as I think of more resources. If you have anything positive and relevant to add, please include it in the comment section below!


    Understanding Rheumatoid Arthritis As A Whole-Body Medical Condition

    The causes of RA are known to those in the integrative medical community. They are nutrient deficiencies, stress, pathogens, gut microbe imbalances, heavy metals, and poisons (pesticides, fragrances and additives, etc.). All of these work synergistically to simultaneously weaken, stimulate and confuse our immunity to the point of infection and “autoimmunity”.

      1. The connection between RA and infection by Dr. Bruce Fife, N.D.
      2. Infection is a trigger for Rheumatoid Arthritis by NIH
      3. The misdiagnosis of Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis discovered at Yale
      4. Environmental triggers and a well-rounded protocol for RA by Dr. Mercola


    The High Risk of RA Drugs

    After receiving a diagnosis of Large Granular Lymphocytic pre-Leukemia caused by Enbrel from an Oncologist, I decided that the minimal relief I felt from taking RA drugs was not worth the risk of cancer and death. Here are a couple of articles that outline the shocking risk of death and deadly disease caused by RA drugs:

    Arthritis Drugs Cause Fatal Fungal Infections

    Most Drugs For Rheumatoid Arthritis Are Too Dangerous To Use


    STEP 1: Diet Revamp for Reversing Rheumatoid Arthritis

    A. Simple Elimination Diet

    The first thing to do is to get comfortable living without certain food groups, like dairy. Removing the most common food allergens provides huge relief from inflammation. Eliminating even a couple common food allergens can be extremely disruptive and difficult for some. For others, it’s very easy. Whichever category you fall into, it is good to begin with one at a time and go from there.

    I recommend to all my clients that these five common food allergens be eliminated first: Gluten, Dairy, Soy, Corn and Eggs. Once those are eliminated you will be feeling so much better that you may be tempted to stop, but if you keep going you can enjoy even more recovery!

    B. Add Antioxidant-Rich Foods

    Another way to say this is to “add anti-inflammatory foods”. These foods will give you energy and help your body heal from the damage of inflammation, but they WILL NOT stop the cause of inflammation, which is a common misunderstanding of these foods.

    Some antioxidant-rich foods to include are turmeric, ginger, rosemary, cloves, cinnamon, cloves, garlic, avocado, krill oil, wild salmon, olive oil, coconut oil, blue-green algae, camu camu berry, licorice root, onions, dark green veggies, cacao, chicken liver, etc. 

    C. Eliminate Reactive Lectins

    Lectins are found on protein molecules and can react with our blood in ways that cause clumping of the blood. This can cause a whole host of issues including impaired blood flow, reduced oxygen distribution, impeded immune cell transport and more. These issues can all contribute to the manifestation of, and continued suffering from RA. All you need to know is your blood type and which proteins react negatively with your type. Learn more about lectins and get the list of proteins to avoid here. 


    When you’re comfortable with A – C, you can do more healing through food! You may want to choose one of the two diets below to find more relief. Or, if you’re sick of working on your diet, move on to some of the other therapies, like detoxification or addressing infection.


    Gut And Psychology Syndrome Diet (GAPS) Dairy Free:

    This diet is one that I adopted with good success. It gave me a better understanding of how food was affecting my body and how eating simply was the easiest, most effective and budget-friendly way to go. It is free from the common allergens and encourages you to incorporate therapeutic foods. It addresses leaky gut and how to heal the digestive system. These specific diets are not the cure to RA, but they get you out of pain fast, so that you can continue with your life and your healing protocols without interruption.

    Go to for Support
    Online recipes for GAPS diet


    Autoimmune Paleo Diet:

    I think this diet is extremely helpful in getting you out of a flare and out of pain quickly, but again, it is not the cure. Once you reintroduce the foods you are supposed to avoid, the symptoms come back. The trick is to follow this diet to get out of pain, then address the underlying causes of Rheumatoid Arthritis, and then reintroduce foods after the inflammation is stopped and the immune system is no longer being stimulated by toxins and pathogens.

    Read more about the AIP protocol here.


    A Vegan Diet is NOT the answer:

    I won’t bother addressing this fully here as it is a very complex issue, but I will recommend a book instead… Vegans have spiritual and emotional reasons for their practice, but in the long term, the diet can deplete your body greatly. Most vegans I know have either gone back to eating animal foods, or are silently suffering from fatigue, infertility or depression. You can get more information from this article and book. What is REALLY important to do is make sure you are eating only organic and sustainably raised animal proteins. I recommend Pasture Bird or Polyface. I know both farmers personally and know that their practices produce healing foods and healthier soil.


    Diet Support for Parents and Caretakers

    Hope for parents of picky eaters:


    Must-Read Books:

    The New Arthritis Cure: Eliminate Arthritis and Fibromyalgia Pain Permanently by Dr. Bruce Fife, N.D.

    The Autoimmune Epidemic by Donna Jackson Nakazawa

    Rheumatoid Arthritis: The Infection Connection {Targeting and Treating the Cause of Chronic Illness} by Dr. Katherine M. Poehlmann Ph.D.

    The Autoimmune Solution: Prevent and Reverse the Full Spectrum of Inflammatory Symptoms and Diseases by Dr. Amy Myers, M.D.

    Conquering Arthritis: What Doctors Don’t Tell You Because They Don’t Know by Barbara D. Allan

    Breaking the Vicious Cycle: Intestinal Health Through Diet by Elaine Gloria Gottschall

    Eat Right 4 Your Type (Revised and Updated): The Individualized Blood Type Diet® Solution by Dr. Peter J. D’Adamo and Catherine Whitney


    STEP 2: Address Infection and Microbe Imbalance

    Every human needs to address pathogens and the risk for infectious diseases. Infection is a fact of life for every human being on this planet and just because you may live in a developed country does not mean you are not at risk. You are actually at risk for smarter, more resistant infections that hide in the body and manifest in unexpected ways, like Rheumatoid Arthritis.

    Antimicrobial Herbs
    This is my preference over antibiotics. Antibiotics kill all microbes in the body, including the beneficial and neutral populations. This is not ideal. What would be better would be to take medicinal herbs that support the beneficial microbe populations in our bodies, but weaken and kill the pathogenic microbes. My favorite antimicrobial protocol is the Cowden Protocol by Nutramedix. My second favorite is the Buhner Protocol by Stephen Buhner.

    Fecal Enema Transplant
    Okay, I know this will sound very strange to some. But it changed my life, and more frequently I am hearing this from others who have tried it with extreme success. In order to understand the connection between gut bacteria and Rheumatoid Arthritis, read this interesting study. When you are very ill, it is extremely difficult to shift your gut flora through probiotics and food alone, in any reasonable time period. A fecal transplant from someone who is disease-free can save you tons of time, pain and money!

    Eat 100% Certified Organic
    When you eat pesticides, you are damaging the beneficial gut flora in your body, making way for pathogens to thrive. I would stop ingesting pesticides so that your beneficial gut flora has a fighting chance.


    STEP 3: Eliminate Toxins that Alter Immune Function

    Over 1/3 of Americans are served with tap water that is contaminated with poisons like lead and trihalomethanes. You can search your city’s tap water and find a budget-friendly and effective water filter on my article here.

    Non-toxic home cleaners are important because regular cleaning products contain immune-disrupting and carcinogenic fragrances and chemicals. You really don’t need more to clean your home than a surface spray, microfiber dusting cloths, a HEPA certified vacuum and good old fashioned soap, water and a sponge! Fragranced products, air fresheners and sprays should be strictly avoided.

    Non-toxic skincare is important because our skin absorbs the immune-disrupting chemicals in the products we put on our body! You can search your skincare products on SkinDeep by the Environmental Working Group to find out if they contain poisons. You can try out a few non-toxic options like Dr. Bronner’s, Beautycounter and Acure.


    STEP 4: Get the Heavy Metals Out

    Heavy metals damage detoxification pathways, impair hormone synthesis and uptake, damage neurological function, and stress the delicate human microbiome, all of which can contribute to the onset of autoimmune disease. In my years of research, Frequent Low-Dose Chelation is most thorough and the only safe way to detoxify heavy metals. Heavy metal chelation is stressful to the body, so it is only wise to undertake this kind of detoxification protocol after completing the steps above, and under the surveillance of a medical practitioner who is watching your blood work.

    Mercury and Other Heavy Metal Chelation Information:

    Mercury and Heavy Metal Chelation Overview

    Metal Metabolism

    Detoxing Naturally

    Frequent Low Dose Chelation Yahoo Group

    Frequent Low Dose Chelation Book: Amalgam Illness, Diagnosis and Treatment : What You Can Do to Get Better, How Your Doctor Can Help by Dr. Andrew Cutler 


    Events To Attend

    Autoimmune Recovery Retreat

    Take Back Your Health Conference


    Foundations and Organizations

    Documenting Hope Project

    Epidemic Answers

    Road Back Foundation (I include this foundation NOT to endorse antibiotic therapy, but to emphasize the real benefit of getting onto a natural antimicrobial protocol.)


    I hope that this resource list is helpful. Again, if you have anything positive and relevant to add, please do so in the comments! This list is not exhaustive, and I know some of you have more to contribute. Please share the knowledge and the love in the comments below. 

    Keep taking back your health,

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