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    How To Protect Yourself From Cell Phone And Laptop Radiation

    Meet Daniel Debaun, CEO of DefenderShield, a mobile radiation shielding company. Daniel is a former Executive Engineer for AT&T and Bell Labs. He knows what the industry insiders know about how mobile radiation harms our bodies, and what you can do to protect yourself!

    What are Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) and Why Should We Be Concerned?

    EMFs (electromagnetic fields) are omnidirectional generated from electrically-powered devices in the form of an electrical energy. There are several types of EMFs that are generated by our mobile electronic devices.

    • Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) radiation (Radiation emitted from hard drives, processors, screens etc.)
    • Radio Frequency (RF) radiation (Cellular signals, WiFi, Bluetooth etc.)
    • Heat radiation

    EMF radiation can have a profound body impact by adversely influencing the biology of the cells, modifying their behavior and interrupting or confusing the living tissue. 

    When using devices such as a cell phone or laptop, some people feel the EMF emissions and are especially bothered by it. This is known as Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS). Some EHS symptoms include slight pain, headaches and fatigue.

    Excessive EMF exposure has been linked to more serious effects such as ADHD, benign tumors and in the most extreme cases, even frontal lobe brain cancers. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

    Why did you decide to start an EMF shielding company?

    Several years ago, my sons were visiting my wife and me over the holidays. While they were visiting, they were doing work for their jobs and using their laptops on their laps all the time. After a few days, my wife said to them, “That can’t be good for you! I want grandchildren one day!” intuitively suspecting some kind of danger.

    From my engineering background at Bell Labs and AT&T, I knew that all electrical equipment and electronic devices emit electromagnetic radiation (EMR), also known electromagnetic fields (EMFs), and that these emissions could affect the body.

    I also knew there were ways to block EMFs from electronics so I figured there must be products available for this purpose. However, when I searched online, I couldn’t find any shields that actually worked very well. Everything out there could only block a certain percentage of EMFs.

    So I worked for a few months on creating a shield that could block emissions completely. When my development was complete, I made shields for my sons and then began building them for friends and other family. We felt that there was such a need for people to protect themselves that we finally decided to start selling them. Since then, we have steadily expanded our product line and the rest is DefenderShield history!


    What are a few measures someone can take to protect themselves?

    1. Create Distance – Distance is the greatest weapon you have at your disposal for protecting yourself or loved ones from EMF radiation. Try to limit direct contact with any electronic devices.

    2. Reduce Time – Less time exposed is best.

    3. Shield Yourself – Place a wall between the electronic device and your body.



    Have you had any health challenges over the years?

    Yes, old age!


    What lifestyle changes have made the biggest improvement in your health?

    Over the past five years, I have been practicing yoga. Sadly, it took me too many years to recognize that yoga helps your body to be much more balanced. Young and old alike will gain benefit from yoga. It not only helps you in your day-to- day health but stimulates quick recovery should you fall ill.


    What advice do you have for someone who is just beginning a healthy lifestyle?

    Don’t get overwhelmed when trying to start your healthy living journey. Start with simple daily exercise and good wholesome foods. A little can go a long way. Stay away from processed foods full of excessive salt, sugar and other unnecessary additives. Trust your inner self to be your guide. As you learn more, begin to slowly incorporate new habits over time.



    We’re grateful to Daniel Debaun and DefenderShield for supporting Take Back Your Health LA and DC! Come out and join us. More info here:

    Keep taking back your health,
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    Photos courtesy of DefenderShield.

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