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    Outer Banks Retreat, Meeting His Family and Looking Ahead

    Welcome to a new series, Robin’s Blog! A good number of you all wanted me to start writing about on what’s going on in my life behind the scenes. So, I’ll be posting updates on my life and activities throughout the year!

    It has been difficult to share everything that goes on behind the scenes, because it has been a challenging year, but I want to share a lot with you – most of the drama will come in the next post. Today I’m sharing about all the travel and fun Ross and I had in the last month!

    This month was full of travel. I hosted one of our regular Take Back Your Health Retreats at the Outer Banks in early May. Then Ross flew out to join us at the beach, meet my brother and sister-in-law, and take me to his hometown to meet his parents! Read all the details below…



    We hosted 9 guests for the Take Back Your Health Retreat in Corolla, North Carolina. Corolla is a small beach town on the barrier islands of North Carolina, known as the Outer Banks.

    My family vacationed here every summer when I was a child, which is why I’m so happy to be hosting you all here for our retreats!

    During this last retreat, we treated everyone to delicious homemade foods on the Take Back Your Health maintenance diet which is anti-inflammatory, organic, nutrient-dense and allergen-free.

    The diet is a great introduction to truly healthy eating. Those who are new to eating well are surprised how good everything tastes. And those who are advanced in their nutrition knowledge learn how to refine their diet to take care of lingering symptoms. 

    Some of my favorite dishes were the Creamy Sun Dried Tomato Basil Chicken, Seed Bread and the Mint Chocolate Chip Shake.

    We also spent a lot of time walking and sitting on the beach, grounding our bodies and taking in sunshine and fresh air. Our near infrared sauna was there for everyone to use as much as they liked. There were optional activities each day, including a lighthouse climb, picnic in the town of Duck, and a visit to Jockey’s Ridge for sunset.

    My favorite part of the retreat is learning from and getting to know everyone else there! So many people have made long term friends from our retreats, including me.

    Meeting Family:

    After the retreat, Ross, my parents and I stayed at the beach for two more days. We laid on the sand, flew kites, ate seafood, climbed the lighthouse again, bought christmas ornaments, woke up to the sounds of waves crashing, and generally indulged in a mini-vacation. Here was the view from our retreat house:

    Next we drove up to stay with my brother, sister-in-law, nephew and niece for a night. This was Ross’ first time meeting them. We ordered healthy veggie, broth and meat bowls from the local Korean BBQ restaurant. My niece is six months and she snoozed on my chest most of the evening. Being an aunt is a really special thing.

    The next day Ross drove us to his hometown. We drove right through the heart of West Virginia and out the other side. The mountain views on the drive were gorgeous. We stayed with his mom for two nights, met his grandmother and then stayed with his father and step mom the last two nights of our trip. They live in gorgeous areas and we got to spend a lot of time outside hiking and walking through nature. And now I’ve finally met my future in-laws!

    It was so wonderful to have time to relax, eat well, get outside and move, take in some sunshine and fresh air and be with family! Talk about Taking Back Your Health!


    Looking Forward:

    I’m back home now and doing a lot to organize our new apartment. Ross and I moved in together in January but we’ve just officially moved all my things over from my old place. There will be a lot of furniture-purchasing and hanging shelves. I’ve also got to get my kombucha and kefir brewing again.

    This summer I’ll be getting ready for our two big fall events, the Take Back Your Health Conference and the fall Autoimmune Recovery Take Back Your Health Retreat. This particular retreat is an opportunity to experience a more therapeutic, short-term diet that will recover the body from serious inflammation and imbalance. We’ll be hosting that retreat on September 21-25th and you can learn more here.

    Stay tuned for the next blog post from me and a very huge announcement about why the Take Back Your Health Conference was pushed up 2 months, and why I’ve been a bit MIA this winter and spring!

    Talk to you soon. With lots of love.

    Keep taking back your health,


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