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    How Jamie Morea Recovered From Intestinal Parasites

    Today I want to share Jamie Morea’s success story with you. She experienced debilitating symptoms from intestinal parasites, and wasn’t sure if she would ever recover her health. She is now running a successful probiotic company called Hyperbiotics, and helping others Take Back Their Health!

    Jamie Morea is devoted to making a difference by leveraging the latest scientific research to educate, inspire, and empower individuals on their journey toward greater health. 


    Tell us about your personal history with intestinal parasites, and why you are passionate about probiotics?

    Several years ago, my husband and I were traveling around the world, working remotely, discovering other cultures, and exploring beautiful landscapes from the Balinese rice fields to Costa Rican rainforests—and much more in between. We were truly living our dream.

    Then our dream turned into a nightmare.

    While traveling from Guatemala to Thailand, I became very nauseous, with a bloated, swollen stomach, extreme weakness, and incapacitating brain fog. After six months in bed and more visits with doctors and specialists than I could count, I finally learned that I had contracted Entamoeba histolytica, an intestinal parasite most common in developing countries.

    It would be a drastic understatement to say that it was a dark time for me. I honestly didn’t know if I would recover and be able to enjoy the level of health I had once known, but I searched for answers with everything I had.

    As I fought back and slowly recovered, I gained knowledge, compassion, empathy, and understanding. Most of all, though, I gained a sense of purpose to help other people maintain the health I had so very nearly lost.

    Along the way, I also began to uncover the revolutionary information that was surfacing on the critical role our microbes play in keeping us healthy. I devoured books and scientific journals, fascinated at the medical paradigm shift that is occurring before our eyes. I began to learn that everything—from our processed food diets, stress, and antibacterial products to antibiotics both as medicine and in our food supply—can leave us extremely depleted in one of the most crucial aspects of health: probiotics.

    Armed with this newfound understanding, I wanted to teach others about this vital ecosystem of beneficial bacteria living in each and every one of us. I firmly believe that bacteria is both the foundation of health and the future of medicine and this belief sparked my quest to develop superior probiotic formulas.

    What lifestyle changes have made the biggest improvement in your health?

    As my understanding of the role microbial health plays in my overall health began to unfold, I started making daily decisions that nurture and protect my beneficial bacteria, and today, I am the healthiest I’ve ever been (even as a new mom who’s often operating on very little sleep!).

    The most significant shift my new awareness has created is in my diet. In fact, I have become slightly obsessed with the foods that I put in my body. In our house, we do our best to shop on the outside aisles of the supermarket, where the perishable goods are, and to avoid pesticides, GMOs, processed and sugary items, and antibiotics in our foods.

    We now eat with our microbial friends in mind— – which means lots of prebiotics (specific fibers mostly found in whole, plant-based foods), fermented dishes, and no gluten. We also do our best to make choices that support a neutral pH and optimal blood sugar levels. This means a whole lot of leafy greens and making sure that we combine sweet or starchy items with good fats, protein, and fiber so our sugars stay stable.

    In addition to a diet radically different than the Standard American Diet, other gut-healthy lifestyle changes we’ve made include:

    • prioritizing exercise (even if it’s simply an after dinner walk)

    • keeping our stress levels in check

    • choosing natural products for our home and bodies

    • avoiding unnecessary exposure to antibiotics

    • embracing exposure to a variety of bacteria (from romping around in the soil to hand washing our dishes and steering clear of antibacterial soaps)

    • Supplementing with probiotics, fish oil, vitamin D, and prebiotic powder

    What advice do you have for someone who is just beginning a healthy lifestyle?

    Making healthy choices can often feel like an upstream battle in our modern culture, so my best advice is to find (or build) a community of like-minded folks. What is “weird” in some crowds is mainstream in others, and your health-conscious choices will have a lot more fuel if they are supported by the people in your daily life.



    I love Jamie’s story. She inspires me as someone who overcame her health challenges and was able to start a business helping others do the same. I am also a huge fan of her product, Hyperbiotics and I use them everyday!

    Have you ever experienced intestinal parasites? What worked/didn’t work for you? Do you have questions about parasites? Leave a comment below!


    Keep taking back your health,

    Photos provided by Jamie Morea and Hyperbiotics


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