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    The 3 Best Treatments For Chronic Lyme and Autoimmune Disease

    Whenever I’m speaking to groups, I always get asked, “What treatments made the biggest improvement in your health?”
    So many people have asked this question, so I figured it was high time to make a video on it! I’m sharing the 3 treatments that made the biggest difference for me in my recovery. These treatments are now being widely used among functional medical doctors and are becoming accepting among traditional (holistic) medical practitioners as essential steps to healing from chronic disease. 
    Be sure to check with your healthcare provider before implementing any new supplements or therapies into your lifestyle.

    3 Best Treatments For Chronic Lyme and Autoimmune Disease:

    This brief video is meant for informative purposes only, and if treatment is sought, a qualified healthcare practitioner should be employed.

    I wish I could spend days explaining these treatments in detail to you. I will be going into much more detail for our retreat guests at our upcoming Autoimmune Recovery Retreat. But, for now, this video provides a brief overview of these treatments.

    Here are the 3 treatments that I believe must be considered if a body is to fully recover from Lyme:

    1. Strategic Nutrition: It’s difficult to fit 20 years of learning into 30 seconds, so the video doesn’t go into a lot of detail. I teach nutrition in great details at workshops around the country and at Take Back Your Health. You can also get my meal plans and recipes at
    2. Parasite Cleansing: In the video I explain some of the common complications and symptoms that can be attributed to parasites in the body, and why they are more common than we like to believe.
    3. Heavy Metal Chelation: You’ll hear me talk a little bit about the problems heavy metals can cause in the bod, and why they must be removed in order for your body to recover from inflammation and pain.


    I hope this video helps! If you need guidance from me one-on-one, you can learn more about my private practice here.

    Please feel free to comment or ask questions below.


    Keep taking back your health,
    Robin Shirley

    2 Responses to The 3 Best Treatments For Chronic Lyme and Autoimmune Disease

    1. Cafini August 6, 2017 at 12:48 am #

      Did your heavy metal detox include removal of amalgam fillings? Or did you gratefully manage not to get any in the first place?

      • Robin Shirley August 24, 2017 at 4:56 am #

        I did not have amalgams in the first place, luckily.

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