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    Success Story: How She Healed From Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis and High Cholesterol


    Cindy Santa Ana has a remarkable story of healing, and after extensive nutrition training, now owns a thriving health coaching practice. She is a wizard in the kitchen with healthy meals (that are kid-friendly too)! She’ll be teaching us some of her favorite healing herbal tonics at Take Back Your Health DC this fall.

    What will you be teaching at Take Back Your Health DC?

    I’m going to be sharing some of my favorite Healing Elixirs and Herbal Medicine techniques. Attendees will also get to sample each one!


    Have you personally had any health challenges over the years?

    Yes, I used to suffer from Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, fatigue, migraines, high cholesterol and frequent colds. That all went away when I started eating whole, unprocessed food that was either local or organic, sustainable and wild.

    I grew up eating canned soup, toaster pastries, school lunches, frozen meals, fast food burgers, and as much candy as I could shovel in my mouth. The result? By age 25, I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism, I suffered from frequent migraines and had low energy. 

    After having two children, I became very tired all the time, had bad allergies, frequent colds, sinus infections and bronchitis, unexplained leg pain, hip pain, high cholesterol, insulin resistance and was about 50 pounds overweight.

    My journey to health is what propelled me to share my passion with others. When I saw that simple changes to my lifestyle and diet could produce profound effects on my health, I had to share this message with as many people who would listen!



    What lifestyle changes have made the biggest improvement in your health?

    The biggest improvement to my health came from removing foods that I was sensitive to or had an allergy to – like dairy and gluten. After reviewing my early health history with my mom, we determined that my dairy allergy started when I was a baby. It wasn’t until I was 42 that I realized this was causing a lot of my health issues.

    I haven’t had any colds, sinus infections or bronchitis since removing dairy and I used to suffer from year-round allergies as well. That alone helped me to get off allergy medications and an inhaler.

    Since September 2010, I have been eating clean, whole foods, farm-fresh eggs, grass-fed meats, eliminating dairy, and growing a lot of my own food.

    The result? I lost 50 pounds, have no more migraines, no more allergies, my thyroid condition is almost reversed, I’m off all medications, I haven’t had a sinus infection or bronchitis since I stopped dairy, no more leg or hip pain, cholesterol is normal and I have tons of energy all day long for my active kids!


    What advice do you have for someone who is just beginning a healthy lifestyle?

    When just starting out, I suggest people take it slow, learn to read labels and determine where you need the most support.

    For most of my clients, they need help finding quick, healthy meals that the whole family will eat. To keep you from becoming a short-order cook, I suggest keeping all of your meals simple, like grilled chicken and a roasted vegetable or pan-seared fish and sauteed veggies.


    What are a few of your favorite foods?

    Most of my favorite foods are included in my book, Unprocessed Living. I included over 100 recipes, but my absolute favorites are the Chia Pudding, Warm Winter Smoothie and Chicken Pad Thai.


    What are you looking forward to at Take Back Your Health DC?

    This will be my fifth time attending this conference and every year I look forward to the talented speakers and the interactive exhibitors. There’s always something amazing to see, learn and do!



    Join us at Take Back Your Health DC to learn more about how to use medicinal herbs and superfoods to promote longevity, increase energy, balance the whole body and prevent disease. Cindy’s tonics are delicious!


    Keep taking back your health,
    Robin Shirley

    Photos provided by Cindy Santa Ana

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