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    Month 5: How I’m Attempting The Healthiest Pregnancy Possible

    We are in month 5, at week 24! Which means we are more than halfway to “the finish line” and everything is going well.

    But pregnancy life has been hard.

    Because this was a surprise pregnancy, the first couple of months were largely about us adjusting mentally and emotionally to this new phase of our lives.

    At least I had my head on straight enough to start taking some good supplements, get some rest, and find a doctor and hospital that we feel really comfortable with!

    I know some of you just want updates, and a lot of you are curious about how you can be as healthy as possible during your pregnancy, so I’m going to share a quick summary of what we’ve been doing to attempt the healthiest pregnancy possible, given all of life’s twists and turns!

    I’m going to be very candid and share from the heart. Here are some highlights of my pregnancy so far… 

    First Trimester Recap

    Me, on my birthday, when I was about 2 weeks pregnant, but didn’t know it yet.



    Preparing For Birth
    We found out I was pregnant just about 3 weeks before Take Back Your Health LA! A very hectic and stressful time for me…

    I laugh at myself now, but I remember that the morning after we found out, I woke up and started doing squats right away. I always told myself that I was going to be in really good shape for birth when it happened. I guess I was taking out my emotions and stress through having control over one tangible thing I knew I could do in that moment – squats! 

    I started getting serious about nutrition within a few days, and I added important supplements like cod liver oil, prenatal vitamins, liver capsules, vitamin c, plus more cultured vegetables. I also began cutting back on honey, organic cane sugar and coconut sugar that I was sneaking in more than I should have!

    I tried to make sense of it all, and “catch up.” I started a pinterest board full of natural birth tips, and pregnancy tips. I also started pinning positive birthing affirmations there. Check it out – maybe it will give you some ideas too!


    I did get very tired, so I took little naps in the afternoons after working. I definitely had moments where all I wanted to do was lay down. I listened to my body and rested when I could. Ross was sweet and always checking on me – he wasn’t used to me crashing on the couch at 7pm!

    I did have pretty strong nausea too, but nothing that brought me to the toilet. I took magnesium every day and I ate clementines when I felt the nausea coming on. That usually took it away within moments! I was lucky to have found a solution that worked so well. The nausea went away within a day or two of the second trimester mark, like clock work.


    Planning For The Future
    Ross and I started having a lot of conversations about money and the future. This baby has challenged us to mature in our relationship a lot faster than what may have naturally occurred. It’s definitely not easy. But what is so amazing is that we are still giddy in love after all of these difficult conversations.

    Ross has been focused on typical male concerns, like making money and supporting the growing family. It’s interesting to see how my focus and his focus are both on the baby, but manifesting in very different ways!


    Pregnancy Books
    I did read one pregnancy book this trimester, called, Natural Pregnancy: Practical Medical Advice and Holistic Wisdom for a Healthy Pregnancy and Childbirth by Dr. Lauren Feder.

    I loved it because she didn’t go into too much detail on any one topic, which probably would have stressed me out. She gave a non-biased view of all the prenatal visits and procedures to expect, which was great for me to read from the beginning.

    She also wrote a lot about how beautiful the birthing process was, and the phases of birth. I sobbed emotionally. Any mention of holding my future baby makes me turn soft and mushy.


    I was having a tremendous emotional high during the 3rd and 4th months!


    Second Trimester Recap

    I have to admit that this trimester has been happy, but extremely difficult because Ross and I are stressed about having to make so many changes and do so much preparation in such a short amount of time. 

    Ross already has his own things to worry about with work and personal life. And I’m trying to catch up emotionally and physically to where I wanted to be before getting pregnant.

    I’m also having to work 10 hour weekdays, every day, and at least 4 hour weekend days. I hired another assistant to take some burden off of me. Work is wonderful, but I still find myself feeling overwhelmed with too much to do. I’m really looking forward to this fall when I’ll be able to relax a bit more.

    One very important thing we did this trimester was install a shower filter! One more step away from our exposure to LA tap water. We should have done it long ago!

    I did feel like I was on an emotional high for the first part of this trimester. It was great! Now I’m a little more balanced and down to earth…

    I have had a lot of stomach pains this trimester – from all the stretching. She’s growing rapidly and my belly is too!  

    My tummy has not felt the same since day one, which is bothersome. For the last ten years I worked hard to get my digestion back in order and free from pain, and I succeeded. But now it’s all out of whack again. Ross reminds me that this is only temporary. It’s still frustrating to me though. 

    I’ve had some trouble sleeping – because of restlessness and a few instances of heartburn. The heartburn hasn’t been as bad as the books make it out to be. Maybe because I’m doing pretty well with nutrition, avoiding dairy, and not over-stuffing myself.

    Teaching a class in Pasadena at Samina Healthy Sleep! 4 months pregnant.


    I added dessicated adrenal supplements this trimester because of the stress of work. I also began drinking more water kefirs and eating sauerkraut to boost my microbiome diversity. I want to make sure that I have the strongest microbiome possible to pass on to her during the birth! I also want to avoid Group B Strep, which is a bacteria that, when found in the mother’s vaginal canal, will require her to take antibiotics during birth. It actually isn’t required, but strongly recommended, and I’m not sure if many medical professionals would feel comfortable delivering a baby in that situation without antibiotics.


    Preparing for Baby
    I’ve spent a lot of time making lists of what we need to do before the baby comes, during birth and after birth. I thought it would help me feel organized, but it’s actually contributed to the overwhelm!

    I sat down with Ross and shared all my overwhelm and sometimes that’s enough. Just to be able to let it out and know that someone is going to work with you to make it all happen can be the difference between anxiety and excitement.

    Making my baby registry was the biggest pregnancy project after finding a good doctor and birth center. It took me a long time to create it because I had to take into consideration our lifestyle, which can drastically alter the things you’ll need. I tried to choose only organic cotton clothes, non-toxic skincare, and products made from renewable resources and free from VOCs. It took me awhile to get it straight, but it’s done! 


    Ross and I hiking in Culver City 4 months. It’s getting hard to carry the extra weight…


    I am now enjoying Sally Fallon’s Nourishing Traditions Book of Baby and Child Care (in my 30 seconds of free time daily!) and getting a lot of healthy reminders.

    I’m also skimming through What to Expect When You’re Expecting, but there is a lot of misinformation about nutrition and health in that book, so of course it’s a frustrating read for me. It is helpful to learn about what stage the baby is at though. I love knowing things like “she can differentiate between your voice and your partner’s voice now”!

    We are going to start reading out loud to her from Wayne Dyer and Marianne Williamson books soon!


    Teaching an 8 hour workshop in Pasadena, with Monica Ford! 5 Months.


    5 months pregnant, on vacation in Santa Barbara with Ross.

    Third Trimester Plan

    For the Third Trimester, we have a lot more to do!

    I plan to take a lot of time for myself, to prepare better mentally, physically and emotionally.

    I’ll keep doing physical exercises to prep my body for birth, and I’m starting to see my osteopath to make sure I’m aligned properly for birth.

    I’m going to sleep a lot more! I’ll also spend more time in meditation and taking long walks, to calm my body and get more in touch with my intuition before birth.

    We will interview with doulas, too.

    We need to buy some new furniture and rearrange the apartment a little bit. We need to decide on a name. And we need to do some planning for what our lives and our schedules are going to be like once she arrives.

    Once we get closer to the due date, I’ll want to do little things like pack our hospital bag, type up our birth wishes, and make a bunch of dinners ahead.

    But mostly, I’m just really looking forward to hunkering down, getting ready for the holidays, and anticipating the joy that is going to be coming into our lives before the end of the year!


    So that’s a recap on the pregnancy so far…and where my head is! I hope it was helpful and entertaining.

    Feel free to ask me questions! And…

    Keep taking back your health,

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    1. Myra April 12, 2018 at 2:42 am #

      Love this! Thanks for sharing and good luck 🙂

      • Robin Shirley July 29, 2018 at 7:11 pm #

        Thank you Myra 🙂

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