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    Cranberry Quinoa Harvest Salad

    As I wait for labor to begin, I wanted to share another cold weather recipe with you! Eating hearty salads this time of year is a good way to balance the heavy warming foods of the season, flood your body with enzymes, and keep things moving through your digestive system!

    I made this salad for everyone at our Take Back Your Health Retreat in Charlottesville this fall and it made a perfect quick lunch!

    I love using cranberries in as many dishes as I can this time of year because they have antimicrobial phytochemicals that support our immune systems during the colder months.

    Cranberry Quinoa Harvest Salad

    Salad Ingredients:
    1 cup finely chopped kale or mix of arugula and parsley
    2 cups cooked quinoa
    1/4 cup toasted pumpkin seeds (I use these sprouted pumpkin seeds)
    ½ cup dried, unsweetened, organic cranberries
    large handful shredded carrots
    2 apples, chopped into bite-sized pieces
    On the side: raw fermented sauerkraut, rich in probiotics*

    Honey Mustard Vinaigrette Ingredients:
    ⅓ cup apple cider vinegar
    1 Tbs. dijon mustard
    1 cup olive oil (I use this real, undiluted olive oil)
    1 Tbs. honey
    ¼ tsp. sea salt

    1. To make salad dressing, add all ingredients into a bowl and whisk until thoroughly combined. Alternatively, you can use a jar and lid, shake to combine ingredients.
    2. Combine all salad ingredients in a bowl. Toss with dressing when ready to serve. Enjoy!

    * I try to eat a little bit of raw fermented food in each meal to replenish my microflora. Throughout my pregnancy I have loved Monica Ford’s fermented foods! She delivers delicious flavors of fermented jams, salsas, sauerkrauts, kefirs and kombucha flavors to Southern California residents.

    I hope this recipe inspires you to eat healthier, and to learn how to throw together easy meals for your family! Let me know if you try this recipe, and leave me a comment below!

    Keep taking back your health,

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