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    Permaculture Homestead And Herbal Apothecary In Northern Virginia

    We think this suburban permaculture-based homestead is doing something revolutionary and we had to share! Subherban Roots is one of our Take Back Your Health DC exhibitors and for those of you who couldn’t meet them at the conference, we interviewed them on what they’re doing to change the herbal supplement industry…


    What inspired you all to begin this suburban permaculture operation?

    The herbal supplement industry is rife with problems, counterfeit ingredients, overharvesting causing further endangerment of already rare plants, such as American Ginseng, not to mention the unsustainable distribution and economic structure of this globalized business.

    The local food movement has grown by leaps and bounds over the past 10 years and we believe that there should also be a local wellness movement that includes homegrown and homemade herbal products.

    We believe that, like the food industry, a locally sourced ecologically grown option for herbal products is a fix for a lot of these problems. We pride ourselves on offering quality ecologically homegrown, handmade herbal products to our region.

    Can you tell us about what you all do at Subherban Roots?

    We are a neighborhood-based permaculture homestead and herbal apothecary located in Front Royal, Virginia.

    We grow a fairly large variety of medicinal plants for all systems of the body. These include common culinary/medicinal herbs to threatened species such as Black Cohosh and just recently American Ginseng.

    We hope to show that small-scale ecologically sound neighborhood farming can be a productive endeavor, healing both the land and the body, while offering a real alternative to the unsustainable suburban lifestyle.

    How did it all begin?

    Our business grew quite organically out of our personal struggle to create a healthier and more sustainable life for our family. After a while, we started making things for others, and that transitioned into a business. We’ve been happy to be able to share with others the discoveries and creations we’ve made along the way.

    We’re known mostly for our healing salves, custom blend herbal teas and our tincture blends.

    Our daughter’s catnip toys also have a loyal following among the region’s discriminating feline connoisseurs.

    What does a typical day look like?

    It’s difficult to say if there’s a “typical day”. That’s one of the appealing things. You never get bored, there’s always something different to do and that largely depends on the season. There are consistencies, like tending the chickens, but everything else depends on the seasons and even what the weather is that day.

    Fall and winter, when plants are dormant, we spend our time propagating plants, filling orders, and planning for the spring!

    Spring through fall we tend our plants, harvest and dry, make products, and sell at the Archwood Green Barns Farmer’s Market in The Plains, VA.
    We’re always working on new plans. As a result of numerous requests, we are planning on offering workshops on permaculture and herbal medicine. From fundamental to more focused applications, these will be hands on classes from the garden to the apothecary.

    Additionally, we’ve been getting into the “food forest” idea, and we’ve been focusing on becoming more self-sustaining with our food, putting in perennial vegetables and fruit trees. We think that perennial vegetables are the sustainable future of agriculture.

    Visit Subherban Roots to learn more about them, their herbal products, and workshops!

    Keep taking back your health,


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