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    How To Get Pregnant Using Nutritional Support


    At age 19, I found myself infertile due to various health complications.

    I was a freshman in college, and I had been diagnosed with autoimmune arthritis, and had undiagnosed chronic Lyme disease. I was not well.

    My monthly menstrual cycle stopped early in that year, and I became very depressed at the same time.

    I attributed this drastic downturn in my health to the pre-existing chronic Lyme and autoimmune arthritis, nutrient deficiency and hormone imbalance, all exacerbated by the poisons and pathogens contained within the HPV vaccine (that was heavily marketed to all female college students at that time), which I was given about a month before the downturn in my health. You can learn more about the concerns with this vaccine in relation to fertility here.

    It was a complex health issue and I used herbs and nutrition to recover as best as I could. Within about six months of trying, I was able to regain my menstrual cycle! About five years later I decided to do more detoxification of heavy metals and pathogens, which helped improve my health even further.

    But today I just want to focus on nutrition for fertility because it is the first step, and is often times enough to get your body back to balance.

    One of the big reasons my body was not menstruating was that I was missing the nutrients required in order to have balanced hormones, become pregnant and grow another human being! The body is wise and knows what it takes to achieve this feat, and it won’t make it possible to become pregnant unless it is getting everything it needs to be successful with it.  

    Being pregnant requires A LOT of nutrients.

    You want to give the baby everything that they need in order to thrive, but on top of that, there needs to be enough leftover in your daily intake for your body to stay healthy (and hopefully thrive) as well.

    Having gone through pregnancy and having a baby, I can say that yes, I was able to get my body to a place where I was strong enough to grow a baby, but I did underestimate what it would take, and I do feel like I am playing catch up now.

    There are some nutrients that get more “publicity” like calcium, iron and protein, etc, but there are many more important nutrients as well.

    In this video I outline all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients needed. You should still research other sources for information if you are pregnant. You should also check with your care provider before implementing my suggestions because every woman’s needs are slightly different!


    I hope this video helps you on your healing journey! Let me know your thoughts and questions in the comments below!


    Keep taking back your health,

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