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    The Emotional Components Of Illness

    Marie Elam spoke on the Emotional Components of Illness at Take Back Your Health Pasadena last month, and it was one of the favorites!

    She had her own personal struggle with emotional healing and weight loss and we’ve got the details on her healing journey below!

    Marie is the co-founder of Pure Vitality Wellness Center and Pure Vitality University where they incorporate emotional wellbeing and healing into their work with clients.


    Marie, why are the emotional components of illness so important to look at when healing?

    We live in a world where we are bombarded with the “next big thing” in the realm of diet and exercise.

    I think people tend to unintentionally dismiss the idea that their emotional wellbeing has any lasting effect on their physical health.

    I’ve seen that when people finally make that connection and gain some tools to address it, they are the ones with the most dramatic and lasting transformation.

    My health challenges were always around weight but the weird thing was, I was thin my whole life growing up. So for a while I didn’t know why. At my worst I weighed over 250lbs, and struggled to look at myself in the mirror.

    It turns out my weight had much more to do with my self-worth than anything I was eating.  It was as if my fat reflection was holding my thinner self-hostage, and I didn’t know what the ransom was, or even if I could pay it.

    What are a couple of lifestyle tweaks/habits have made the biggest difference for your health?

    I got emotional coaching (every coach needs a coach), and identified what thought patterns were holding me back.

    That, along with finding out what foods and movements served my body best, I discovered that my healthy may not be the same as another’s healthy. It took time for me to reconnect with my body and its unique needs when it came to food.

    There are a million diets out there. No one thing works for everyone.


    If you could give advice to someone who is just beginning their journey to take back their health, what would it be?

    Have hope.

    So many of the people who have come to me for coaching have lost hope. For many of them, they have gone YEARS trying to get answers, only to be given pills to mask symptoms, or worse – told it was all in their head. They’ve witnessed others success, but have tried countless things themselves, only to achieve minimal results.

    I believe holding space for the idea that your health CAN change is a HUGE step toward healing.


    What was your motivation to start Pure Vitality University?

    Great question! My business partner Becky Mauldin and I both came from different schools when we got started in alternative health and wellness. While our schools did provide us with a decent foundation, neither of them provided us with everything we would need to be successful with our clients. We didn’t have everything we needed to help our clients heal.

    In fact, we both ended up with multiple certifications but had to piecemeal our education to put it into a successful business. After a few years, practitioners began seeking us out, asking to apprentice.. They wanted to replicate the success we were having with our clients.

    We knew there wouldn’t be a way to balance in person teaching while running our business. Eventually, Becky said to me “What if we put this online?” That was it. From there, our mission was to create the school we wish we’d had when we went through our certifications.

    Our mission is to be the last certification you’ll ever need. We do that by offering a thorough, all-inclusive course that can be done at your own pace, online. It’s full of done-for-you material from our own wellness center so that you don’t have to recreate the wheel. More than any of that though, we provide a mentorship. We partner with our students on their journey, giving them what they need to be successful. And this gift is for life, not just when they are in the course!

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