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    The Mysterious and Magical Health Effects of Kombucha

    Take Back Your Health Radio
    Season 2 Episode 1

    We are excited to introduce our first Take Back Your Health Radio guest in two years, the Kombucha Mamma, Hannah Crum!  

    Hannah is an amazing speaker – listening to her talk about anything is inspiring, but especially about her passion – Kombucha. I told her it’s like the microbes are speaking their ancient wisdom through her.

    My favorite thing she said in our interview was, “If you give a living organism what it needs to thrive, it will. And that is true for humans. we are regenerative beings.” 

    It resonated with me because this is what I knew in my heart as my doctors told me my body was broken and had to be fixed.

    Hannah Crum is also known as the “Kombucha Mamma” and founder of Kombucha Kamp, an online one-stop-shop for all things related to Kombucha and home brewing. She speaks, writes, consults and advocates for Kombucha around the world.

    Along with husband Alex LaGory, they authored The Big Book of Kombucha, a must-read for anyone interested in gut health, probiotics, the human microbiome and its relation to our health, kombucha, and how to brew your own.

    Hannah & Alex also co-founded Kombucha Brewers International, the trade association representing all commercial Kombucha brewers around the world. They establish best practices, lobby for the industry, promote kombucha as a category, and host an annual KombuchaKon to support brewers with education and exposure.


    People mentioned on the podcast: 

    Hannah Crum (Podcast Guest)
    Kombucha Kamp

    Mark McAfee
    Organic Pastures Dairy

    Monica Ford
    Real Food Devotee



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