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    Recovery From My Second Pregnancy

    This second pregnancy was really rough! It came right after our move across the country, right after starting another business, and right before a long, snowy winter living in our parent’s studio guest cottage while we looked for a house. I also hosted a retreat, attempted to host a new event, dealt with other stressors on other family members that affected me, and moved into a new home, all while pregnant with Silas and nursing Olivia. 

    I developed really intense depression and indifference, mood swings, an “identity crisis” and nausea. I also lost a lot of my core nutrient reserves from nursing through the first half of the pregnancy. And lastly, the extreme loss of sleep in the newborn phase has resulted in exhaustion and inflammation.

    You may have wondered why I was really quiet for the first half of this year… That’s why! 🙂

    The only constant in my self-care has been my strategic and extensive supplement routine that I shared with you last week, which has blessed my babies with good health and kept my chronic conditions at bay. 

    To help my body get back to my happy, healthy normal, I racked my brain for what the simplest healthy habit with the biggest return would be, and remembered my NEAR Infrared Luminati Sauna that I haven’t been able to set up for years! DUH.

    Getting into the sauna for 20 minutes each night after putting the babies to sleep would be completely soothing and healing. So I set it up and restarted this healing habit each night.

    The Near Infrared Sauna is as close to a one-stop-shop for reversing disease as we are going to get. There are light photoreceptors on our mitochondria that uniquely absorb near infrared light. It’s no coincidence that this is the only kind of photoreceptor we have on our cells. This particular light stimulates the healing mechanisms of the mitochondria, including energy production, DNA repair, and anti-aging. 

    So for the last month, I’ve been sitting in front of those lights each night for about 10-20 minutes. I didn’t think it would do too much, but looking back the change is incredible. One of the biggest changes is that I feel energized in the morning, instead of the intense fog of sleep that I couldn’t shake every morning starting back in December when I first got pregnant. My mood is stable again (!!) and I have naturally positive and happy thoughts, instead of having to try so hard like I did for the last year. 

    My body feels stronger in general, and I have had the energy and motivation to begin intense exercise again. One thing that isn’t talked about when you’re considering a sauna purchase is that NEAR Infrared Light is the light spectrum from the sun that is so essential to our health. We can’t live without this light, and that’s why we feel so much better when we have regular exposure to it. This sauna supplements that sunlight in the winter when we can’t access it. 

    Near Infrared Light exposure has been shown to reduce the risk of death from heart disease, stroke, and cancer and it can reduce the symptoms of depression, anxiety, inflammation and fatigue. On top of that, it reduces chronic pain and improves sleep.

    What about the detox effect? The heat from Near Infrared light signals to your cells to release toxins into the blood, and warms you enough to break a sweat. This allows the toxins to move out of your body easily with the sweat and without effort, instead of having to be processed through the liver. This is such a help for me while my body is still rebuilding and recovering.

    After choosing organic nutrient-dense food, getting more relaxation & sleep, and taking antimicrobials, this Near Infrared Sauna is probably the next best thing you can do for your health. And it’s one of the only things that is getting me through this exhausting period of motherhood when so many of my usual health habits aren’t possible, like sleep, intermittent fasting, herbal cleanses and antimicrobials.

    If you’ve been wanting to get yourself a sauna, Saunaspace has been graciously allowing me to give my followers $200 off the Luminati Sauna (formerly the Pocket Sauna). This is the only one I would recommend for so many reasons:


    Keep taking back your health,


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