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    My Favorite Healthy Habit: Stretching for Pain Relief


    If you’ve been keeping up with my blogs and monthly emails – you know I’ve been bringing back my favorite healthy habits since Silas’ birth – taking back my own health once again. And this podcast is dedicated to one of my most favorite healthy habits for taking away stiffness and muscle and joint pain…


    My Most Favorite Healthy Habit for Pain Relief

    No, it’s not turmeric, or a bottle of CBD.
    It’s not even a fancy $5000 machine.
    This habit I’m talking about, you see,
    It’s a simple thing, one you can be.

    You can do it at home,
    By the side of your phone.
    You can do it tonight,
    Before you take flight.

    No one will charge you,
    It’s not even that new.

    Humans have done this for ages –
    You can find it in the oldest pages.

    No one will dispute it –
    It’s one powerful habit. 

    Your body will thank you,
    Your mind will release you.
    If you do this one habit, 
    Your pain, it will nab it.

    Want to know what it is?

    It’s …..   S t r e t c h i n g.

    Yes. It’s such a simple thing. But, I have had love affairs with my stretching routines. It’s my “happy” place. A place my mind and body can go to find peace and quiet and comfort. I return to equilibrium. I find myself, my center, and become reacquainted with my soul. 

    I have been stretching for 22 years. It was an integral part of my dance training. I fell in love with it then, and made it a part of my life for good. 

    Lately I’ve been stretching every night after I put Silas to bed. I find the baby’s nursery to be such a peaceful and warm place. I stay in his room. The salt lamp is glowing. The rug is soft. The house is so quiet. I’m relieved of my mommy duties. I listen to him fall into a deep sleep, while I move into my stretching routine. 

    I believe that stretching brings oxygen and nutrients to areas of the body that are deprived. I know that it releases toxins into the circulatory and lymphatic systems, to be removed from the body. Stretching stimulates the release of various hormones and chemicals in the body that help us feel relaxed, calm and happy. 

    Stretching can relieve pain caused by tension, when done correctly.

    This fall I interviewed my pilates instructor, Robin Truxel. I took private sessions with her when I was pregnant with my second baby, to help my body cope with two back-to-back pregnancies. She has personally experienced the power of Stretch Therapy on healing her injuries, and now works with athletes, elderly, pregnant women and mommies, new and old, to help them recover from the physical stresses of movement and life. 

    I hope you’ll listen to our interview above. If you want to get started with stretching, please reach out to Robin to ask her where to begin. She can point you in the direction of books, videos, and other practitioners who can help. She teaches locally in Charlottesville, Virginia, and she will be publishing online trainings soon. You can be in touch with Robin here. Her studio is

    I would recommend taking some dance classes at a local studio, or yoga or pilates classes, so that you can learn basic stretching technique to get you started. Happy Stretching!


    Keep taking back your health,

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