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    About Us

    The mission of Take Back Your HealthTM is to empower you to live life as you always imagined you would, unhindered by the limitations of chronic dis-ease.

    We’re all about finding a cure and getting rid of those annoying symptoms, but Take Back Your HealthTM is also about finding a way of being in this world that makes you and those around you completely happy and healthy in all areas of your life.

    To Take Back Your HealthTM means to live in a way that will reduce your physical, mental and emotional pain and bring more joy and pleasure into your life. To Take Back Your HealthTM is a journey and we’d like to invite you to join us.

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    Meet the TBYH Team

    Robin Shirley Robin Shirley is the founder of the Take Back Your Health Conference. She speaks, consults and writes about how to reduce the symptoms of chronic illness.

    Robin grew up with out-of-control systemic inflammation, which her doctors labeled as Systemic Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis and chronic Lyme disease. She has spent over 10 years on her own studying and experimenting with nutrition, herbs, movement and various alternative therapies.

    Robin has personally experienced the power of holistic nutrition and lifestyle adjustments on reducing pain and inflammation and increasing joy and pleasure, which is her inspiration to serve and support others with health challenges.

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    Cindy Santa Ana Cindy Santa Ana is our PR Director here at Take Back Your HealthTM. Cindy has taken back her own health and is passionate about living a consistently healthy lifestyle.

    Cindy is a Board Certified Health Coach and founder of the Clean Eating Support Club in northern Virginia. She also teaches workshops, cooking classes and demos at Farmer’s Markets across northern Virginia. We’re honored that Cindy will be sharing her healthy wisdom with us here at TBYH!

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    Meet the TBYH Lifestyle Experts

    Andrea Beaman Andrea Beaman is a Natural Foods Chef, thyroid expert, author and television host dedicated to alternative healing and sustainable living. Andrea was recently voted by as one of the top 100 most influential health and fitness experts in 2012. She was a featured contestant on Bravo’s hit reality TV show, Top Chef (season 1) and is a regularly featured food and health expert on CBS News, and is the host of the Award Nominated, Fed UP! A cooking show that educates guests and viewers how to cook for, and cure, bodily ailments.

    As an inspirational keynote speaker, she teaches fun cooking classes and health seminars to a wide base of clients and students at The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, the Natural Gourmet Cooking School, The James Beard House, Kripalu, The Open Center, The 92nd Street Y, and other venues around the country to thousands of students annually. Most recently, she was the keynote speaker at The Holistic Mom’s Network in Chicago, The Gaia’s Women’s Wellness Conference in New York, and the Take Back Your Health Conference in Virginia, and she speaks to many other audiences in other venues.

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    Margaret Lively Margaret Lively is a Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, Founder of Decades of Health and the developer of The DofH Method for Optimal Wellness at Every Age.

    Inspired to health by her husband’s cardiac event in 2008, Margaret received her certification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and in 2011 departed from the corporate arena to begin her private Armed with an intimate understanding of how challenging modern day work/life balance can be, Margaret coaches individuals as well as corporate groups and organizations to take control of their health by making sustainable changes to their diet, breaking the cycle of emotional eating and poor lifestyle habits, incorporating movement and meditation into their daily lives, helping to restore proper sleep functions and relating targeted lifestyle instructions for each decade of life.

    Margaret has successfully transformed the health of her clients as well as the culture of organizations in NYC and beyond, by shifting the focus toward the benefits of workplace wellness and providing professionals at every level with the tools to live healthier and happier lives.

    Margaret has been featured as a co-host on PBS’ cooking show series, EatFree TV.

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    AlexandraAlexandra is a Certified Master Gardener and advocate for organic and sustainable growing methods. She has been gardening in Virginia for over 30 years and has studied gardening topics including organic fruit and vegetable growing and native and ornamental landscape design.

    Alexandra began gardening in the 1970’s with her husband as the tended to their small vegetable garden containing tomatoes, cucumbers, corn and squash. After buying their first home, she began to study and practice with different techniques, styles and specimens. She and her husband created gorgeous and masterful gardens on this property. They have since sold that home and moved to a historic property with rolling hills and plenty of space for vegetables, fruit, ornamental, and perennial gardens. They call their new home Sycamore Run Farm.

    As she fell in love with the art of working with nature in this way, she began to take courses and read. We would wager that she owns the largest library of gardening books in Virginia.

    Alexandra shares her gardening adventures from Sycamore Run Farm and her extensive knowledge with us here on in hopes that more of us will feel comfortable and able to grow some of our own organic food with the intention of improving the health of our bodies and our planet.

    If you have gardening questions for Alexandra, send them to us at info [at] clubtbyh [dot] com OR, comment on one of her posts. She’ll answer your gardening questions each month on



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