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    Are You Frustrated By Slow Progress? Try This…

    As I was going through some rough periods in my healing journey, I tended to get frustrated and impatient. I forgot how to enjoy the small pleasures in life because all I could think about was where I wanted to be and how long it would be until I reached there. You are going to —Read More

    The Perfect Menu For A Mid-Summer Dinner Party

    This past week I had the opportunity to teach two more cooking classes for the University of Virginia's Club RED - a heart health initiative for women - managed by the Cardiovascular Center at UVA. I truly love spending time with this group of ladies. We have a good time learning, cooking and chatting about —Read More

    How To Improve Your Digestion In 5 Steps

    Today's show is all about digestion - we're going to talk about the connection between good digestion and good health. I'll also share some easy steps you can take to improve your digestion. During the show, I'll teach you about foods you should include, foods you should avoid and how to use food to actually —Read More

    Sun-Dried Tomato Basil Dressing (Paleo, Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free)

    This tomato dressing is my favorite way to use up tomatoes in August when they seem to all get ripe at the same time. It's delicious and it can be frozen and saved for later. I like to use it as a dressing on salads, but it is really great as a marinara sauce - on —Read More

    How to Reach Your Health Goals with Less Effort

    There have been so many times that I've been motivated to make a major healthy change and gone on a Whole Foods shopping spree with the best of intentions to begin a new diet. Same with exercise - I've joined several new gyms over the years, only to have that fitness inspiration fizzle out after —Read More

    Peach Pina Colada {Paleo, Dairy-Free}

    Imagine a hot, sunny beach day in southern California. It was July 4th and my friend and I were planning to spend the day sipping away on cool drinks by the ocean and getting a tan. We discovered a bottle of rum and frozen fruit in the freezer and I, being the self-proclaimed Smoothie Queen, —Read More

    5 Reasons You Are Fatigued and What To Do About It

    Chronic fatigue is becoming a widespread issue. And there is a way out. Today I'm going to explain exactly why you are fatigued and what you can do about it. After the episode you're going to have clear and easy steps to follow that will help you strengthen your body and mind, increase your energy —Read More

    Flourless Chocolate Cake (Paleo, Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free)

    What can I say about chocolate cake that hasn't already been said? Maybe I'll mention the high magnesium content, or the importance of a little healthy indulgence every once in awhile. I should also mention that this cake includes nutrient-dense ingredients and leaves out most common food allergens and chemicals, so it's a very good —Read More

    Lemon Tart (Paleo, Gluten-free, Dairy-free)

    When I was a teenager, I loved to bake. I still do, but I had to go through a transition where I switched to baking gluten-free, dairy-free and sometimes egg-free. It was a challenge and for periods of time I rebelled against baking altogether, frustrated and angry. Now, especially with all of the new ingredients —Read More

    Strawberry Milkshake – Paleo, Gluten-free, Dairy-free

    Strawberries that are picked when they are ripe are so much more flavorful than the ones from the supermarket - and they don't have those chemicals that are used to slow the ripening of the ones shipped across the country. If you have a chance to pick your own strawberries or to buy some from —Read More