You can be as happy and healthy as you want
I'll show you how...


    Robin draws upon her 17 years of personal experience, education and immersion in the world of holistic and conventional health care to support you with navigating through your chronic health challenge.

    Robin may be a good fit for you if:
    •You are chronically ill and not sure about nutrition and natural health options
    •You are having trouble finding a treatment program to reduce your symptoms
    •You are depressed and sick of living a half-life
    •You feel like you have tried everything and nothing is working
    •You need someone to walk with you through the changes, step by step.

    Robin can support you with:
    •Restoring your energy levels
    •Creating a nutrition plan that feels right and works for your schedule and budget
    •Reducing out-of-control inflammation
    •Deciding which supplements would be helpful and which would be harmful for you
    •Reducing the levels of infection in your body such as Lyme disease, gingivitis, candida overgrowth, etc
    •Re-prioritizing your daily habits to align with your goals
    •Navigating through changing relationships due to your diagnosis

    Get Started:
    If you are ready to sign up for your consultation…

    Step 1: Email Robin at Robin[at]clubtbyh[dot]com to schedule your appointment. 

    Step 2: Make your payment to confirm and guarantee your appointment time:

    Initial Consultation by Phone/Skype (60-90 minutes):

    Follow-Up Appointment by Phone/Skype:


    Home Visits:
    Robin does make home visits occasionally. She is available in Los Angeles from January-August and in DC and Central Virginia from September-December. Pricing is $250 for the initial 90 minute consultation and $150/hour for follow-ups.

    Refund Policy:
    Fully refundable if cancelled at least 2 days in advance. Non-refundable if cancelled within 48 hours of your appointment time. You can call to reschedule your appointments anytime.

    Step 3: We will send you a liability release form and health questionnaire, which we will need back before your initial consult.

    Step 4: Relax, you’re on your way to taking back your health!


    Privacy Policy: We do not share personal health or contact information with third parties unless asked to do so by the client.

    Terms of Service: Every client will be required to sign a liability release form before the initial consultation. Robin does not work with children under the age of 18 without written and signed permission from a parent or guardian.

    Insurance: Health coaching is reimbursable under certain health care policies. Please call your policy customer care line and ask about health coaching reimbursements! We can fill out the necessary paperwork.